6 Movies for St. Patrick’s Day

Nothing says “top o’ the mornin’ to ya’” like a mug of green beer and a parade full of bagpipers. But second to that comes this list of movies for celebrating St. Paddy’s Day. Classic and contemporary, they’ll all put you in an Irish frame of mind.

leprechaun 6 Movies for St. Patricks DayLeprechaun (1993):

A leprechaun tries to get back his gold coins, and goes on a killing spree in the process. Only a four leaf clover can stop him and, apparently, a well filled with flaming gasoline. Jennifer Aniston gives one of her best performances to date. Warwick Davis, who has the title role, should’ve won an Oscar.

the quiet man 6 Movies for St. Patricks DayThe Quiet Man (1952):

John Wayne and Victor McLagan duke it out. Maureen O’Hara looks luscious as always. And Barry Fitzgerald brings the comic relief. It’s all directed by the great John Ford. And it’s all brought to you in Technicoler. What more could you possibly need?

darby mcgill 6 Movies for St. Patricks DayDarby O’Gill and the Little People (1959):

A young Sean Connery (before he was “Bond… James Bond”) matches wits with a 21” leprechaun and the old caretaker – who may have found the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – all while finding love and fighting off a romantic rival and a real-life Banshee. Rated D for “Disney.”

the departed e1300208860642 6 Movies for St. Patricks DayThe Departed (2006):

Martin Scorsese’s all-star cast includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson and Mark Wahlberg in this South Boston Irish-American organized crime story. Worth it for the Irish accents alone.

finnians rainbow 6 Movies for St. Patricks DayFinian’s Rainbow (1968):

Francis Ford Coppola directed this movie musical starring Fred Astaire, British singer Petula Clark and Tommy Steele set in the mythical Southern state of Missitucky. There’s a bigoted US Senator, a leprechaun (of course!) and a plot to cross mint with tobacco so it grows mentholated. Now that’s inventive!

the hulk1 e1300209258427 6 Movies for St. Patricks DayThe Hulk (2003):

Not technically Irish, but hey—he’s green, isn’t he? The Hulk is Ang Lee’s take on the Marvel character played by Eric Bana with beauties Jennifer Connelly and Cara Buono. Plus real-life Marvel Comics genius Stan Lee and TV Hulk Lou Ferrigno in bit roles as security guards.

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