David Letterman: Keeping Us Up Late

david letterman 2 David Letterman: Keeping Us Up Late

Courtesy: cbs.com

The most famous alum in Ball State history (to be honest, we can’t even name another, except maybe this guy), David Letterman is to late night comedy what bacon is to a BLT. Starting off on NBC at 12:30, Letterman was presumed to be the heir apparent to Johnny Carson, until Letterman got Leno’d. Ah yes, long before Leno took back his time slot from Conan, he took away The Tonight Show from David Letterman. So what did Letterman do? What any self-respecting man would do, head over to CBS, double his salary and get his 11:30 p.m. time slot.

Given a reception worthy of a king, CBS renovated the old Ed Sullivan Theater to a tune of approximately $14 million dollars to create Letterman’s fabulous studio. The total cost to bring David Letterman and his crew over to CBS? $140 million. And that’s $140 million very well spent we might add. Since it’s inception, Late Show with David Letterman has received 67 Emmy Award nominations and heaps of critical and industry praise. Why? It’s pretty simple, because David Letterman is freaking hilarious.

david letterman 4 David Letterman: Keeping Us Up Late

Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Whether it be his time-tested and hilarious Top Ten lists, fist pumping with Snooki or one of our personal favorite clips from the show, Will Ferrell showing the audience his singing skills, you never know exactly what you’ll get when you tune in to Letterman. But you can be sure it’ll be hysterical.

david letterman 5 David Letterman: Keeping Us Up Late

Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Letterman showed all men how to be humble on national television: when you’re thanking the doctors and nurses who saved your life after a quintuple bypass. And just to make sure you didn’t think he was going soft, Letterman had his self-proclaimed favorite band the Foo Fighters come play his favorite song “Everlong.” The band, which was actually performing in South America at the time, canceled their tour to play the comeback show. So here’s to you, David Letterman, a day short of your April 12th birthday. All of us at Mancave Daily send our best wishes and an obligatory YOU THE MAN.

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