Dos And Don’ts Of Facial Hair

There’s not much in this world that’s more manly than facial hair. Guys like to show it off in all different varieties. The only problem is that they’re often showing off for other guys. So when growing out your facial hair, you need to take into account what the women think about it, and how it’s going to be socially accepted. Follow these “Dos and Don’ts” of facial hair and every man will be wishing he had a beard, or lack thereof, as finely groomed as yours.


Embrace salt and pepper:

As you start aging, we men here at the Man Cave Daily say, “Embrace it!” Don’t hide your natural color with those sketchy products from TV. Instead, show off your wisdom and experience, and mix that salty gray hair color with your still peppery youth, just like George Clooney likes to do.

Stay trimmed:

Every man who grows any kind of facial hair needs to take the time and effort to keep it trimmed. Honestly, fellas, if you can’t be bothered enough to keep your beard in order, how are women going to perceive you run the rest of your life?

Keep the sideburns short:

Long sideburns are out. They’ve been out. And unless you’re the next Wolverine in some new X-Men movie, they need to stay out. Stick with short sideburns, and make sure they’re even. If you can’t trust yourself, hit up your barber to neatly crop them for you.

Shave it all off:

Last but not least, there’s the easy solution: just shave it all off. Even women who like the bearded look still prefer to kiss a man’s smooth face, rather than a stubbly one. So if you’re worried about pulling off the bearded, don’t even try.


Look like a hippie:

There’s a reason why Tom Hanks looked the way he did in Cast Away; he was stuck on a deserted island for four years. He didn’t choose to look that way. Neither should you. Abandon the out-of-control hippie look and embrace a trimmed beard if you so choose to grow one. After all, if Brad Pitt can’t pull it off, you probably can’t either.

Put handlebars on your face:

Salvador Dali was a great and talented artist, but he would’ve made a terrible stylist. So you shouldn’t try to look like him. If you’re ever thinking of growing a handle bar moustache, abandon the thought immediately. And then move on with your life.

Leave patches:

If you can’t grow a respectable amount of hair on your face, then don’t grow any at all. What’s the point of growing a goatee if it doesn’t even connect? The end product looks more unkempt than going with the hippie look because at least people who go the latter route can actually grow facial hair. Learn from Brit tennis player Andy Murray and don’t follow in his footsteps when it comes to facial hair decisions.

Go blond:

If your facial hair is blond and hard to see, it’s best you do without it. Growing a short blond beard just makes you look like you’re back in middle school just hitting puberty. Leave behind those awkward years and embrace your manhood by shaving your face clean. After all, no one wants to be like Spencer Pratt, so you wouldn’t want to look like him either.

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