The Best Manly Gadgets of the Consumer Electronics Show

by Marshal M. Rosenthal

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas may be over, but the gadgets that crammed the convention halls are still spilling out. Soon they’ll be making their way to the stores. Here are the gadgets we think you’ll want to get your hands on, stat!

rzr nagahex sidev02 The Best Manly Gadgets of the Consumer Electronics Show


Razer Naga Hex Gaming Mouse $79

When you’re smokin’ at a computer game, you need a mouse with switches that can handle 250 clicks/minute. Even better if there’s 6 mechanical thumb buttons optimized for role playing or multiplayer online battling, plus 11 programmable ones. Interchangeable thumb rests and an ergonomic curved shape keeps your hand poised for action.

sportiiiis 3d The Best Manly Gadgets of the Consumer Electronics Show


Sportiiiis $199

Need to check your stats while working out or racing on a bike without losing focus on what you’re doing? Just clip Sportiiiis to a pair of glasses for a heads-up display that’s positioned in your secondary vision. You can create personalized profiles to maximize your workouts –tapping the unit switches between sensors for audio feedback and ANT+ compatible visual cues.

solarkindle The Best Manly Gadgets of the Consumer Electronics Show


SolarKindle Lighted Cover $79

Read your Kindle where the sun don’t shine…once this e-reader cover’s flexible solar panel has charged up with sunlight. The LED reading lamp, built into the cover, can run for up to 50 hours, doesn’t take a milliwatt away from the Kindle’s battery and can even send juice into the Kindle if needed. The durable leather cover also protects the screen between reads.

ishower photo The Best Manly Gadgets of the Consumer Electronics Show


iShower $99

You can really sing in the shower since iShower doesn’t care about getting wet. Plus its 200-foot Bluetooth range means your smartphone can stay safely out of danger while streaming your playlists. The portable speaker’s water resistant and controls playback for up to 15 hours before the batteries have to be changed means you can ignore bad weather and take it to the pool or beach too.

foxlo 2 views The Best Manly Gadgets of the Consumer Electronics Show


foxLO $149

How do portable speakers give you the same kind of bass that you get back at home? By being attached to foxLO, is how. This postcard-sized subwoofer may be tiny, but there’s nothing small once you get the real low-down from 25 watts of power. Use it with your smartphone or laptop; then adjust the bass level to create one full-range on-the-go audio system.

polaroid camera The Best Manly Gadgets of the Consumer Electronics Show


Polaroid SC 1630 Smart Camera Price TBD

Don’t settle for a lousy digital camera in your smartphone when you can have photos and videos take advantage of a 16-megapixel view, a 3X optical zoom and a 3.2” LCD screen. But why stop there? Add the Android OS and cut the USB cord with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless. Edit your pictures using a host of sophisticated, easy to use tools and then send them off to your favorite social network. Or take advantage of those Android apps to do things no digital camera can.

powertrekk mobile charger front The Best Manly Gadgets of the Consumer Electronics Show


PowerTrekk Price TBD

You’re mostly made of water, so why shouldn’t water power your phone when its charge runs out? Next time the electric grid’s distant, pull this fuel-cell charger out and insert a PowerTrekk Puck into its compartment. Add water, connect a USB cable from it to your phone and press the power button. Then take off once the recharging is done.

inuke boom The Best Manly Gadgets of the Consumer Electronics Show


iNuke Boom $29,000

Think none of those music docks are big dogs for listening to at home? So when’s the last time you put your iPod, iPhone or iPad in one that was over 4 feet tall and 8 feet wide? Or that weighed over 700 pounds because it has dual 12” neodymium woofers, titanium-diaphragm audio drivers and twin 18” subwoofers? No kidding, the volume dial goes to 11 because there’s 10,000 watts of amplification blasting out.

mrobo The Best Manly Gadgets of the Consumer Electronics Show

TOSY Robotics

mRobo Ultra Bass $199

Does your portable Bluetooth speaker double as a dancing robot? 2 gigs of memory holds about 500 songs, which you control with a handheld remote, and if you want, out pops its head, legs and arms so the 18” high guy can start gyrating through pre-programmed moves to what it hears from its own speaker or any other device playing. It’s battery powered so nobody is going to be able to pull the plug on its performance until it’s done.

turtle beach xp300 side The Best Manly Gadgets of the Consumer Electronics Show

Turtle Beach

Ear Force Wireless Dolby Surround Sound Gaming Headset $219

Wireless audio domination is yours since the CD-quality signal uses dual band Wi-Fi for transmitting audio to/from your gaming console. The headset provides positionable, simulated 5.1 multichannel audio as well as Bluetooth pairing for answering mobile calls while gaming. Add equalization, volume limiter control and up to 15 hours of rechargeable power and if you want to send the audio to your home theater at the same time, sure, go ahead.


Don’t let an hour-long swim interfere with your Spanish lesson tapes!

continental marshal 2 The Best Manly Gadgets of the Consumer Electronics Show

Oh, you sexy thing.

Marshal Rosenthal is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer specializing in technology, consumer electronics and pop culture. Visit his website.

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