Top 5 Songs To Put Your Wife In The Mood

You can have your flowers, chocolates and expensive dinners. All we need to get our woman in the mood is a little music. Think about it. Flowers are so… boring. Chocolates are a little heavy right before jumping into the sack, if you ask us–same goes for dinners. They also put a little dent in your wallet, whereas music hits the right spot without hitting your bank account. Here are our Top 5 Songs To Put Your Wife in the Mood.

5. Marvin Gaye – “Let’s Get It On”

This song is a classic when it comes to getting your lady in the mood. We’d put it up top where it probably deserves to be, but it’s become a bit of a cliché to play during your most intimate moments. Still, it does the trick; so don’t rule it out completely.


4. Boyz II Men – “I’ll Make Love To You”

Not really our speed, but once they break into the lyrics “Throw your clothes, on the floor” your lady will lose it. And that’s a good thing, for you. Again, in this moment you need to think about her in order to get what you want.

3. Rolling Stones – “Beast of Burden”

This song makes the list for two main reasons. First, its pace is perfect, especially if your woman is a rock-n-roll chick. Second, in the song Mick Jagger is begging his woman (women would probably be more accurate) to make love to him.

2. D’Angelo – “Feel Like Makin’ Love”

Personally, we’ve found that just about any D’Angelo song does the trick. And while we know that “Feel Like Makin’ Love” was originally performed by Roberta Flack, D’Angelo’s version gives you a little more wiggle room. The groove, the vocals, the lyrics… this song has it all.

1. Chris Isaak – “Wicked Game”

This song always wins when it comes to getting your wife in the mood. There’s not a single woman out there who doesn’t like this song. Ask any female. Isaak has the voice, the tone, and, the video to set the right mood.

Tom Lorenzo is a freelance writer and journalist from New York City, covering sports, music and pop culture. You can follow him on Twitter @TomLorenzo.

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