Eight Celebrity Paranormal Believers

There are things in this world that have no explanation. Aliens, UFOs, ghosts and of course the very mysterious popularity of 50 Shades of Grey. For decades, men of different backgrounds and societal statures have been fascinated by that which is not yet understood. The identity of some of these detectives of the weird might surprise you. Here are 8 famous guys who really want to know the truth about some of these mysteries…or their interest might have just been piqued due to the extreme hotness of Agent Scully.

W.B. Yeats

william butler yeat by george charles beresford Eight Celebrity Paranormal Believers

Yeats was really lonely for a handsome guy

One of the most prominent literary figures of the 20th century, W.B. Yeats was a Nobel Prize-winning poet and playwright whose work still influences some of the most creative minds of our century. Oh yeah, the guy was also into ghosts. He was a prominent member of the oldest know paranormal enthusiast group, The Ghost Club. As a writer, he should have been very vocal and suggested a better name for that!

Sammy Hagar

It seems only proper to go from a Nobel Prize winner to The Red Rocker…it’s one of those things that just make sense–unlike alien abduction. Sammy Hagar had been pretty quiet in the media, aside from his gut wrenching rock-wail! That general lack of action quickly turned when Hagar started doing rounds of interviews where he began discussing his alien abduction with folks like Howard Stern. Sammy also dabbles in specters and claims to have had an encounter with the ghost of his father. Silly Hagar, Ghosts can’t drive 55.

Muhammad Ali

ali getty Eight Celebrity Paranormal Believers

It makes way more sense that aliens would want to abduct The Greatest instead of some backwoods drunk

Taking literally hundreds of punches to the head over the course of your career can definitely make you see stars…but apparently it can also make you see lights in the sky under intelligent control. Such is the case with the iconic boxing legend Muhammad Ali. While on a jog in New York City’s Central Park, Ali claims to have watched a bright light appear and follow him during his run. This claim is one of several that Ali has witnessed throughout his life and has stated:  “If you look up in the sky in the early morning, you see them playing tag between the stars.”Maybe the interstellar beings had a bet out on one of his fights.

David Bowie

bowie michael loccisano getty Eight Celebrity Paranormal Believers

The least believable part of this story is that Bowie himself isn’t an alien

Bowie doesn’t just seem like someone who would be interested in UFO’s with all his outer space song lyrics…he seems like a guy that could take you into a UFO and give you a very informative tour. He is quoted many times about one of his experiences  stating: “A friend and I were traveling in the English countryside when we both noticed a strange object hovering above a field. I believe that what I saw was not the actual object, but a projection of my own mind trying to make sense of this quantum topological doorway into dimensions beyond our own.”

Will Smith

Will Smith has passed on his belief in alien existence to his little Fresh Prince spawn. In an interview with BBC Radio, Smith talks about an experience he had at the White House in which his son asked President Obama point blank if there were aliens. In the same interview, Smith also claims that he has top secret information and that he knows all about what’s going on with these beings…you know…since he is in a bunch of alien movies.

Keith Richards

Mr. Richards is a man who has had such an insane amount of substances flowing through his veins, that it would cause any alien probe to go on the fritz! He not only believes in them…he’s gone on record claiming to have seen thousands of UFOs. We are pretty sure he was just joking about that…but with Keith you never know!

Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison is one of the most brilliant minds in the world of comics and has penned stories of some of the most famous superheroes of both DC and Marvel fame, including The X-Men, The Fantastic Four, Superman, Justice League, and many others. He’s also an avid occultist and has this to say when asked to describe magic in 50 words or less.

Additionally, he believes he was abducted by aliens while in Kathmandu, an experience he claims was completely separate from the hashish he was on at the time.

Ronald Reagan

There are several former Presidents who have pushed to get information released on the topic of UFOs. Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton have spoken publicly regarding the topic and advocated their interest in finding the truth. But no President talked up aliens quite like Ronald Reagan. In this now-famous speech he basically describes the plot to Independence Day:

So, if you awake one day to find yourself being probed by a race of grey aliens or run away screaming in terror at the horrifying ghost you just saw remember these two things.

1. It won’t prevent you from becoming famous.

2. Either of those are WAAAAAY better than being probed by an alien ghost. Try wrapping your brain around that one!

signswater buenavista Eight Celebrity Paranormal Believers

Not being allergic to holy water is a good start.

Andy Green is the only little green man you’re likely to encounter at night. 

If you’re an alien in disguise, you might want to check out our Practical Advice for Invading Earth. –>

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