10 Things You Did Not Know about Liquor

Liquor. Some call it the fruit of the gods and others just call it delicious. It fuels our drunken passion for Journey and it soothes away the day’s soul-crushing weirdness. Chances are you probably already know a ton about liquor, but here’s 10 things you didn’t know!

1) In 1830, The Average American Consumed 1.7 Bottles of Hard Liquor Per Week

If you were alive in the 1830’s you were probably bummed out all the time. There was no air conditioning. Fashion was questionable. Internet porn had yet to be invented. It was truly a dark and dreary time, and it seems everyone was down to get liquored up to forget about it. In that year the average American took 1.7 bottles of Hard pre-20th century liquor to the face!

detroit police prohibition 10 Things You Did Not Know about Liquor

“It was necessary to destroy the American populace in order to protect it.”
And here you thought Al Capone was the worst villain Prohibition had to offer

2) During Prohibition The US Government Routinely Poisoned Illicit Liqour

During prohibition, things got wacky. You take the booze of the people and they completely freak out. Things got so wacky, that the U.S. government was poisoning illicit liquor and it resulted in the death of thousands of Americans.

President Coolidge and the federal government ordered the poisoning of industrial alcohols often used by bootleggers. They apparently didn’t think about how it was gonna do exactly what they thought. Hospitals filled with sick people and it was a sad moment in American history.

3) The City of Detroit Has 400 Liquor Stores and 8 Supermarkets

Detroit is a city that has had it’s share of troubles. It remains one of those iconic cities, despite it’s constant economic beat down it remains a staple of this country and a beacon of the Midwest. Oh and Detroit loves them some liquor. The city supports over 400 liquor stores and only 8 supermarkets.

4) South Koreans Drink Everybody Else Under The Table

Here is a word of advice for you. If you find yourself at the bar in a vicious drink-off shot challenge with a South Korean–calmly put down the glass and get out of there immediately. South Koreans consume more hard liquor than any other country on the planet. Avoid partying with them, because it might get crazy.

5) Want To Make It A Tequila Night? A 1.5 Million Dollar Tequila Night?

If you happen to be a crazy millionaire with an appetite for excess that would make Charlie Sheen cry like a little girl, then you should go ahead and drop 1.5 million dollars on this diamond encrusted bottle of Tequila. It’s called La Ley del Diamante which is sweet, because whenever you say that name you automatically sound like Antonio Banderas and that will help you with the ladies.

6) Korea’s Soju DOMINATES Global Liquor Sales

You thought we were kidding about the South Koreans… do not try and keep up with their liquor consumption. You have been warned and we’re sorry for yelling. A type of liquor called Soju sold over 64 million one-liter bottles spanking all the other competition…IN THE WORLD!

puckbooze 10 Things You Did Not Know about Liquor

You can’t have your pot and drink it too

7) You Can Make Liquor Out of Pot, Man

Turns out that the active ingredient that carries it’s infamous effects, THC is alcohol soluble. You can actual use a high proof alcohol to make this drink, but be forewarned-there’s no telling what could happen if you tell hippies about this.

8) Proof Stems From Sailors Using Gunpowder To Measure The Alcohol

Old school liquor trading sailors DID NOT like to be sold bad batches of liquor. They developed a way to check the amount of alcohol using gun powder. Proof was the measurement of how ignitable gun powder soaked in the booze was. Two things that always go poorly are explosives and liquor.

prohibition loc 10 Things You Did Not Know about Liquor

This is a street urchin and a goat away from being the old-timiest photo ever

9) Liquor Commercials Aren’t Allowed To Show People Drinking The Product

There are laws that are truly there to protect our interests and then there are laws that just seem a little silly. This one is a little silly. Liquor commercials are prohibited by law from showing people drinking liquor in the commercials… they can however show it flowing deliciously into a glass.

10) A New Reason To Go for Diet Soda

Diet soda is popular in America because of how it complements the ordering of a giant greasy fast food meal. It’s a diet trend, something to help you loose the jiggly. Well, turns out the artificial sweeteners in diet soda actually help your body feel the effects of alcohol FASTER than regular pop. DOUBLE BONUS!

There you have it. We have hand-poured some delicious high-proof knowledge into your brain-glass. Cheers!

Vodka apparently looks a little like Amy Poehler's barfly cousin

Vodka personified

Andy Green is not actually green. But he is a man. Which is the better of the two to be.

stanlee 10 Things You Did Not Know about Liquor

Turkish coffee personified

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