Cower Before the Might of Maximus Thor!

All we know about these increasingly stranger and more hardcore videos is Dad records some hilariously wrong remarks, Kid enacts it, and their fusion is named Maximus Thor. Don’t watch it unless you work at one of those awesome offices that are cool with swears.

At first, it’s literally a walk in the park for young Maximus…

…but as he grows in power, we see him slaughtering foes on the internet and comparing himself to Vader and Gotti in the video below.

Soon he’s harassing the proletariat, sporting a black eye.

Determined never to let anyone hit him again, he’s next found building his strength at the gym…

BOOM! Now he’s got a personal masseuse, a lawyer who’s terrified of him, a docket full of charges he’s apparently a flight risk for, and a battered foe clinging to life in a coma with…er…a “perforated colon.” But he’s not daunted by any threat of jail. He’s got a line on some Nazi gold. Damn, Maximus, that’s some GTA s*** right there.

Well, that escalated quickly.

Say goodbye to the rest of your free time this year.

Say goodbye to the rest of your free time this year.

When not editing Man Cave Daily, Brendan McGinley writes comics and comedy for the internet’s pleasure. And hey, kid, have a Twitter, too.

pmw live Cower Before the Might of Maximus Thor!

Who is this turkey?

Brendan recently invented the Hamster Cannon in Weapons That Aren’t in Black Ops II (But Should Be), and found you some more YouTube hilarity with ‘Friday’ Producer Just Trolling Now with Thanksgiving.

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