NBA Foul Reaction Faces

by Luis Prada

NBA stars have a tendency to believe they can do no wrong. When a foul is inevitably called on them, they’re reactions vary between extreme displeasure to on the brink of a catastrophic mental breakdown due to the laws of the universe being shattered by an vengeful god — black is white; up is down; “How dare YOU! I am physically incapable of inadvertently harming humans!”

Little do these players know that while they plead their case to a referee, many of the people sitting around the court are professional photographers waiting patiently for a facial expression that will perfectly sum up the game when placed under a newspaper headline the next day.

Let’s examine some of those faces.

Kevin Garnett

garnett elsagetty images sportgetty NBA Foul Reaction Faces

That or he didn’t expect Pierce to goose him at that moment.

In this photo, we see Boston Celtics star Kevin Garnett attempting to tap in to his inner chi to produce a blue ball of pure energy that he will fire at the referee. In the background, Paul Pearce informs the ref of the insane magiks he will be obliterated by.

LeBron James

lebron jamie squiregetty images sportgetty images NBA Foul Reaction Faces

Oh, the humanity! Cleveland is burning!

We see LeBron James reacting to a foul by channeling the awe-inspired horror felt by a bystander witnessing the Hindenburg disaster. Some can also interpret this reaction as being similar to the reaction caused by waking up really early on a Saturday and spending 12 hours building a new backyard deck, only to hammer the final nail and, thus, cause the collapse of the entire structure.

Kobe Bryant

kobe ron turennenbaegetty images1 NBA Foul Reaction Faces

Hiding under the covers to keep the monsters away, eh, young man?

In this photograph featuring Lakers star Kobe Bryant, we see Kobe voicing his displeasure with the foul call. Not pictured is the mouse on the court, the couch on which Kobe jumped, and the broom he used to swat at the mouse.

Pau Gasol

pau doug pensingergetty images sportgetty images NBA Foul Reaction Faces

When you finally see the Evil Eye, you’ll know it.

This picture was taken mere moments after Pau was called for a foul he did not agree with and mere moments before he ripped out the referee’s spine like a Mortal Kombat fatality.

Tony Parker

tonyp kevin c NBA Foul Reaction Faces

We haven’t made that face since the first time we saw a naked lady.

In this instance, Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs believes the unfairness of the call is on par with watching the referee’s head spilt open to reveal the zombified face of the man he could have sworn he killed two years ago.

Monta Ellis

ellis ezra shawgetty images sportgetty NBA Foul Reaction Faces

But go ahead and try to devise any other explanation for this face. We dare you.

Here we see Monta Ellis conveying his displeasure with a referee’s call by analogizing his reaction to said call with having a thumb spontaneously rammed in his ass.

Manu Ginobili

manu ronald martinezgetty images sportgetty NBA Foul Reaction Faces

That or someone just spontaneously exploded on the court right in front of him.

Here we see Spurs star Tim Duncan consoling Manu Ginobili after Manu’s older brother broke his Power Ranger action figure. It was the White Ranger.

Steve Nash

nash lisa blumenfeldgetty images sportgetty images NBA Foul Reaction Faces

He looks like that one orc that always dares the hero to come greet his death, because his Stygian Steel is thirsty for blood, right before getting an arrow through the neck from the Elven backup that just arrived.
…or maybe we shouldn’t have watched Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones back to back.

In order to make the referee better understand the inaccuracy of the foul call, Steve Nash attempted to push his own skull through his skin with sheer force of will.

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