And Now: A Burlesque Dancer Sits on a Cake

If you haven’t read Eric Powell’s The Goon, even though we told you that was the comic you MOST HAVE TO READ in the universe, you cannot be saved. Please stop reading. The rest of you, who listened, this is your reward. Burlesque superstar Roxi D’Lite pledged to sit on a cake if The Goon reached its $400,000 fundraiser goal on Kickstarter.

Why did The Goon need $400k? Because don’t we all, that’s why. And what would we do with that kind of money? The same thing Powell would do: fund a Goon movie. Blur Studio and director David Fincher have already put together a lush, gorgeous trailer that perfectly realizes The Goon‘s old-timey world. It’s got Clancy “Lex Luthor and Mr. Krebs” Brown and Paul Giamatti perfectly cast as the titular big bruiser and his wormy sidekick Franky. But it’s not enough! We, the viewing public demand a full-length feature film!

With $400k in pocket, the Goon can take the first step to the screen with a full story reel. The Kickstarter project raised that amount and more, which brings us now, to Ms. D’Lite, and her heavenly tuchus. And cake.

Here, then, without further ado, is ASSCAKE.

maximusthor And Now: A Burlesque Dancer Sits on a Cake
Maximus Thor is pretty damn tough

Brendan McGinley makes comics, comedy, and all those tweets that prevented you from getting any work done. 

cutehamster thinkstock And Now: A Burlesque Dancer Sits on a Cake

If hamster cannons don’t exist they bloody well should.

Brendan previously brought your attention to the Mighty Maximus Thor and devised Four Futuristic Weapons Not in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

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