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Spose Has a New Video and It Is Awesome

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But really, aren't they all awesome?

But really, aren’t they all awesome?

Hey, remember when we interviewed Spose and you heard all that great music that you never would have come across? Of course you do; the fruit baskets of gratitude are still flooding into our offices.

Well now he’s releasing not one but TWO new albums via Kickstarter, Dankonia and The Peter Sparker Mixtape. To promote them, he’s issued a preview video, which is awesome. Hence the title of this post. Now mind you, this is not “I’m Awesome,” his breakout hit. And if you give enough there are still copies of his live CD (yep, there’s a third new album), Spose Unplugged. So what the heck are you waiting for? Go give it a listen. And some cash. Because you support indie artists making great music without major label support. See? The awesomeness was inside you all along, and you only had to look inside your heart to find it.

Rap has nicer things to say about Kafka than Kafka ever said about Kafka

Rap has nicer things to say about Kafka than Kafka ever said about

Brendan McGinley used that same intro to tell you about Random’s new video

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