NFL Team Bars in NY for Displaced Fans

by Patrick Emmel

It’s hard to move to NYC from some faraway state and not have a place to cheer for your homeland’s football team–or worse, be jeered for your homeland football team.

Being a native New Yorker myself, I can’t tell you how that feels, but I can tell you where to go to find your jerseyed football brethren to revel in victory and find a shoulder to cry on during defeat. To help those displaced football fans that seem so alone in the big city, here’s a list of New York City bars for each and every NFL team in the country, where you can wear your jerseys proudly and discuss the honored past of your teams with other, like-minded fanatics. You’re welcome.

AFC East

Buffalo Bills

800 2nd Ave (at 42nd St.)

With giant, inflated football figures in the blue and red, McFadden’s has become the go-to bar for Bills fans in NYC. The only things missing is beef on weck on the menu and Jim Kelly serving drinks behind the bar.

Miami Dolphins

Third and Long

523 3rd Ave (at 35th St.)

Some bars go through genuine takeovers by fans that can’t find anywhere else to go. This seemed to be the case for this Fin-friendly bar, which became an official Miami Dolphin bar when a group of fans with a website decided to keep showing up every Sunday.

New England Patriots

The Hairy Monk

337 3rd Ave (at 25th St.)

While this Boston-friendly bar is more fanatical about their Red Sox, Boston’s diplomatic embassy in NYC is also a safe haven for Patriots games, provided the Patriots and Red Sox don’t have a game scheduled at the same time.

New York Jets

Seriously? This is New York. You’ll be hard-pressed not to find a bar in a block radius that doesn’t have Gang Green and Big Blue hanging outside their door.

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