Savage Hawkman #15 EXCLUSIVE Preview!

by Brendan McGinley

When last we saw Hawkman, he and Green Arrow were smashing through Thanagarian warhawks to find Princess Shayera and ask her what’s up with this crazy frame-up of Hawkman for fratricide. Let’s see how he fares alongside Deathstroke in these preview pages from issue #15, courtesy of those nice folks at DC Comics:


Deathstroke is everywhere these days. He’s the Wolverine of DC.


If you’re going to hide from aerial warriors on a rooftop you, might as well put up a big neon sign that says ‘Savage Hawkman.'”


Is that…Deadpool? Or is Liefeld now spoofing his own creation, who began as a spoof of Deathstroke? Whoa. This is getting meta.


Everyone here has kickass armor, but it seems like it would all be difficult to go to the bathroom.


Pike is trolling Deathstroke for being a knock-off? Okay, he’s definitely spoofing Deadpool.


Pinioned over an opinion.

Whoa...we had this exact dream last night

Whoa…we had this exact dream last night

Don’t stop there! Turn the page and read more previews in the comics section!

comicbookmovies2 Savage Hawkman #15 EXCLUSIVE Preview!

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