‘Friend’ Her: Amanda Lund Interview

by Nick Bahash

Amanda Lund. Sound familiar? Maybe not yet, but she will very very soon. Amanda recently landed a co-starring spot on CBS’ upcoming [Maybe? It’s up in the air. In either case, there’s never a reason not to chat with a sunny lady  –Ed.] mid-season comedy Friend Me. Where might you have seen her before? Well, she’s played smaller roles in The League, Man Up, Parenthood, and so on. Maybe you’ve see her there. Or maybe you’ve seen Amanda perform improv or in her many web shorts (Little Mysteries, Pregnant Detectives, I Am Not Infected, The Single Life, etc). If you have seen her in something before, you knew she’d have her own show eventually. I mean, just look at this masterpiece we made:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZtqlfrPxUI]

I’m lucky enough to have known Amanda for a while now. She was actually in a movie I made a few summers ago in Arkansas called “Five Dates.” Meaning, I basically single-handedly jump started her career. And, I know first hand how crazy talented and funny she is. Here’s the first awkward video I saw of her:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pkzGeLDgNs]

So, I sat down with Lundy (It’s the nickname I call her that she loves) and conducted a hard-hitting interview so you guys can get to know her and the show better.

Mugshot from Lund's recent arrest for possession of criminal amounts of loveliness.

Mugshot from Lund’s recent arrest for possession of criminal amounts of loveliness. (Photo: Paul Smith)

Nick Bahash: Hey Lundy, thanks for doing this. How have you been?

Amanda Lund: Please don’t call me Lundy.

NB: Oh, ok… I guess could you start out and tell us a little about the show?

Lund: Friend Me is a multi-cam CBS show…it’s about two young, wide-eyed boys from Indiana who come out to LA to work for a hip music company. The guys are played by Nick Braun and Chris Mintz-Plasse. Nick’s character, Rob, is eager to get out there and experience all that LA has to offer, while Chris, playing Evan, is more about staying in and chatting online with his web-cam pals. You know a little something about that, right? Hahahaha. Please make sure everyone knows how hard I was laughing. Anyway, I play Amanda Baxter, the wacky neighbor. I know, I can’t believe I’m playing a wacky neighbor, it’s unreal. I’m basically Kramer from Seinfeld.

NB: Everyone understands that you were excessively laughing at me. But, as I’ve explained to you before, chatting online with my web-cam pals is completely normal and cool.

Lund: Yea, it’s soooo cool.

NB: Ok, we’ll move on. You say your character’s like Kramer. Can you elaborate a bit?

Lund: My character is awesome. When we first meet her she’s a mess. She just moved out here from Colorado with her boyfriend….who dumps her. Now she’s sort of spiraling out of control….and clings to the guys for companionship. They end up being pals. But I’m a little bit of a nut-job at first. I think we really see her find her footing and become more of an independent lady as the season goes on. We are pretty similar in a lot of ways. We’re both balls of anxiety at times…and a lot of fun!

NB: I agree that you’re annoyingly anxious most of the time. But you being a lot of fun? I don’t know about that.

Lund: You do realize I can leave at any time.

NB: That was just… I was kidding around, pal. You’re too much fun. So… How did you get this amazing part?

Bahash claims to know Lund, but this photo looks more like he Photoshopped himself in.

Vintage photobomb.

Lund: I had done a pilot for CBS last season called Entry Level, which didn’t get picked up. So already, I knew some folks over there. Some of the producers came and saw an improv show I did, called “Beans” with my comedy partner, Maria Blasucci. I had a meeting, then tested for it, then booked it, baby! Just kidding, but no, I did get it. It was a pretty fun process actually. I love CBS…I have a coffee cup with the CBS logo on it. Perks of the job, you know. Just came in the mail one day and I use it all the time.

NB: Do you think you could get me a CBS coffee cup too? It sounds incredible.

Lund: Once you book a CBS show, I’m sure you’ll get one.

NB: You could’ve just said no… But, here’s an important question. How did your experience on Five Dates help prepare you this role?

Lund: Well, Friend Me is all shot in Arkansas, so it really helped me prepare for the humidity. Just kidding of course. It was actually a pretty significant hurdle in landing the role. But, I somehow overcame it.

NB: That’s just mean.

Lund: That was kinda mean, I’m sorry. I promise to be nice if you stop asking ridiculous questions.

NB: Deal. Ok, so what’s it like on set shooting with the cast and crew?

Lund: It’s honestly, awesome! I really bonded with everyone working on the show. You’re there, working long hours, locked in a soundstage…so you really get to know people. I also really got to know all the snacks at craft services…like, really well. A little too well.

Science has not discovered a way to prevent crushes on funny dames.

Science has not discovered a way to prevent crushes on funny dames.

NB: I first saw you in a one of your web shorts. You’ve done quite a few. If you had to pick one as your favorite, which would it be?

Lund: Hard question! I’m my biggest fan. I really love some of the original “Little Mysteries”… Amanda Has a Gun is probably my favorite.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHGgJeiW8R8]

NB: That’s my favorite too. I mean it’s you with a gun. Can’t go wrong. Next question. What role in any movie do you wish you could’ve played?

Lund: Rose in Titanic. Or better yet, Jack in Titanic.

NB: Yea, I could see you as Jack. Maybe you’ll play him in the remake.

Lund: That’s the dream.

NB: Ok. When can the people see you? When does Friend Me premiere?

Lund: Sometime mid-season! We don’t know when yet. I’ll let you know!

NB: Can’t wait. So, here it is, the last question. Is there anything else you’re working on that we should know about?

Lund: We’ve just been talking about the network TV show I just filmed. IS THAT NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU? WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT? Actually, I’m writing and acting in a web-series for Yahoo right now called Ghost Ghirls. That’ll be out sometime next year. Super proud of it!

NB: I look forward to seeing Ghost Ghirls. And, thanks for randomly yelling during that answer, I appreciate that. But seriously, thanks for doing the interview and being an awesome person.

Lund: Thanks for having me! Best interview of my life.

We then did our secret handshake and she left. So, we obviously had good times with the interview. But honestly, Lundy’s awesome. Go watch her funny videos. And, remember to check her out in Friend Me premiering sometime mid-season. And, keep your eyes peeled for Ghost Ghirls on Yahoo. I can’t guarantee that you won’t fall in love with her. Just beware. CBS is lucky to have Amanda Lund in their family.

If you could do this in real life, you'd dress however you want, too.

Repulsor rays! This movie really does have everything!

Nick Bahash is incredibly something? He and his life’s work can be found here. He also twitters with the worst of them. He creates nicknames that people love?


Zombie want love.

Nick previously interviewed director Ben Popik about indie film The Exquisite Corpse Project. He also talked to Isaac Marion about Warm Bodies.

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