The Coolest Stuff from the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show

by Marshal M. Rosenthal

The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is so big and huge that trying to see everything there is insane. So our mission was to ferret out the coolest and most unique stuff. So we did. Here’s what we found.

ARCHOS TV connect

Archos ConnectSo your TV isn’t “smart?” Just set up this wireless keyboard remote that’s Android capable for playing games, streaming video and yes video chatting with the included HD camera. Nix the keys and use voice or gesture control instead.

Iriver ON Fitness Monitoring Earbuds

iriver-on_powered-by-PerformTekWho needs a sensor that you have to first connect to read your heart rate or the calories being burned or how far or fast you’re going when you’re exercising or active in a sport? All those capabilities are built into this Bluetooth headset so monitoring biometrics becomes a breeze.


boomBOTTLE-2Rather than carrying H2O, put that space on your bike to better use with a battery powered speaker that’s waterproof and shockproof. The omnidirectional speaker streams music from your Bluetooth-active phone while riding. The best part is how loud the dual 40mm drivers and the ported passive subwoofer drive the sound.


DryCASE-DryBUDSIf you’re glued to your phone, better put it into this flexible, waterproof case before the next time you shower or swim. Not only does your phone stay dry even if you fall in a pool — thank the vacuum seal for that — but the companion headphones with mic work underwater too. A tablet model is also available.

Razer Edge

Razer-EdgeTake a tablet, PC and game console and combine them as one — courtesy of Intel and NVIDIA tech. If that’s not enough, pop on a vibration-feedback enabled gamepad controller so there’s handles and buttons to make one powerful hand-held portable. Windows 8 means games run natively too.


Cookoo-Lifestyle-Black-with-BlueThe wristwatch makes a comeback, courtesy of Bluetooth that connects it to your iPhone. Glance at it for the time, but also for notifications of incoming calls or Facebook messages. Or have it tell your phone to take a picture. It’ll even sound an alarm before you walk out the door of that cafe with your phone still on the table.

AMZER Shatterproof Screen Protector

amzar film The Coolest Stuff from the 2013 Consumer Electronics ShowEver felt like smashing a hammer on your phone? Or taking a drill bit to it. Or a brick? Even if you don’t have anger issues, putting this stress resistant, shock dissipating protective film on your touch-screen means it won’t get cracked anytime soon. It’s the next best thing to locking the phone in a vault so nothing ever happens to it.

Zboard Electric Skateboard

zboard The Coolest Stuff from the 2013 Consumer Electronics ShowWhat makes this electric skateboard different is that there are no hand controls – instead, it senses your weight. So depending on how you lean it moves forwards or brakes. Swap out for the off road tires if you can’t handle the sidewalk.

iPower Pro/iPower Sight

iPower-ProA pocket projector that actually fits in a pocket is good. But having one as a case for the iPhone 4/4S means you can beam a 60-inch image on anything you want. The battery even recharges the phone. No iPhone, no problem — focus a 100 to150-inch image instead, using any video source that has a HDMI input.

Outdoor Technology Chips

Unknown-2If the question for skateboarders, snowboarders or skiers is how to listen to music or take calls without removing the helmet, then these wireless headphones are the answer. Just drop them into the slots inside a helmet liner and click the left earpiece for volume and the right to play or answer calls. Sure there’s even a mic built in too.


transformers 2 The Coolest Stuff from the 2013 Consumer Electronics ShowA real pinball machine isn’t some toy sold by a company who makes action figures — it’s got to come from the STERN guys who helped pioneer how a steel ball gets bumped, flipped and slingshots across a graphically bright play-field. Best part is that it’s made for the home, so what you get is like what used to be in the arcades, but without all the gunk that’s accumulated on it over the years.

Rapoo TV

RapooWhat’s a “smart TV” but what you carry around on your iPhone/Android phone all the time anyway except for the small screen? So that’s why it makes sense to “throw” what’s on the phone onto the TV so you can watch on a big screen. Use the phone as the remote too. Add the optional wireless mouse and keyboard to turn your HDTV into a honking big computer monitor screen.

V3 Click

v3 click The Coolest Stuff from the 2013 Consumer Electronics ShowSo if fighting off computer viruses and malware isn’t your thing, plug this USB guy into a port and you’re done. Press a button when the green LED turns red to kill the problem before it happens. Auto-updates, system tune-ups and 2.7 GB of secure storage comes along for the ride too.

Dune HD

Dune-HDStreaming your iPhone/Android phone to a TV just means plugging Dune’s HDMI receiver into your HDTV and using an app. You don’t need a wireless network either because Dune makes its own. So showing off at Grandma’s Internet-free house, or anywhere for that matter, is no longer an issue.


FrostyBowlz-Hand-and-BowlKeeping your dog’s water cool all day means he’ll drink more often and makes for a healthier pet. You freeze the core and then place the stainless steel bowl over it. Pour in the water and it’ll be 14 hours or more before it warms. Works with perishable food that gets left out all day too. And it’s even good for those cat lovers out there.


Don’t let an hour-long swim interfere with your Spanish lesson tapes!

continental marshal 2 The Coolest Stuff from the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show

Oh, you sexy thing.

Marshal Rosenthal is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer specializing in technology, consumer electronics and pop culture. Visit his website.

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