Review: ‘Green Lantern Corps Annual’ #1

by Jeremiah Wallace

I have to be honest, my initial thoughts after finishing Green Lantern Corps Annual #1 was disappointment. I wasn’t happy with the much hyped conclusion of “Rise of the Third Army,” mainly because nothing was concluded.

This bodes not well.

This bodes not well.

Here’s a quick rundown. This issue takes up immediately after Green Lantern Corps #16. Hal Jordan and Sinestro (presumed dead) are out of the picture and its up to a ringless Guy Gardner , Earth’s newest Green Lantern Baz and the squirrely Lantern B’dg to save the universe. The Guardians have gone completely insane and have created a sort of Zombie/Green Lantern hybrid that consumes other sentient life forms and transforms them into copies of itself (similar to the way Agent Smith did in the last two Matrix movies). This Third Army is totally controlled by the Guardians who have come to believe that free will and emotions are wrong and that it should be wiped out to bring order to the universe. As wacky as this sounds all the stories leading up to this final chapter have been very entertaining. Watching the Guardians plot and plan in secret and use their third army to systematically destroy our beloved Green Lantern Corps along with the other colored ring wielders, all the while shifting the blame to others when it all goes down, has been pretty interesting. Well it all comes to a boiling point in this issue.

***Warning: Mild spoilers ahead***

Guy Gardner figures out that those no good Guardians are orchestrating the whole thing and he lets the few remaining Lanterns know about it. A big brawl ensues and the Guardians–realizing they are about to lose–siphon power from a being they are holding captive known only as Volthoom the First Lantern. In doing so they unwittingly free Volthoom and… the comic ends. That’s right, the battle is still going on, the Third Army is still around fighting and absorbing Green Lanterns and the issue literally fades to white. Not much of a conclusion if you ask me.

Besides the ending, I enjoyed just about everything else in this annual. It’s great to see Chriscross doing pencils again, his layouts are so full of action there isn’t one static panel in the whole 48 page book. Tomasi is so good and familiar with writing Green Lantern Corps he could probably do it in his sleep. He has a real knack for getting in the heads of the other Lanterns, I’m especially enjoying John Stewart/Fatality side story. I just wish they would have stuck the landing and properly closed off this chapter before heading right in the next arc.

injusticelead Review: Green Lantern Corps Annual #1

Things go boom.

Jeremiah is one cool guy. Ask him about the comic he’s drawing.

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