Guinness Gamer: Kevin Lynch Knows All the High Scores

by Marshal M. Rosenthal

If “Knowledge is Power,” then The Guinness World Records 2013 – Gamer’s Edition could run your X-Box for a week. That’s because it’s packed with facts and figures — but mostly those graphic images gamer’s have come to love even as the bar for scoring big has risen ever higher. Can a single book contain the awesomeness of characters too powerful to control? Can it help you to figure out how to attain that elusive high score? Can Kevin Lynch, one of the writers who’s also the Games Editor for the UK’s Daily Mirror, tell us all we want to know? He’d better…

Man Cave Daily: So how did this Gamer’s Edition come to be?
Kevin Lynch: When Craig Glenday, our Editor-in-Chief first met with Walter Day, who’d been supplying us with gaming records for 20 years, he showed him the new design for the main 2007 GWR book, which had a beautiful-looking spread on gaming.

Big guns don't guarantee great aim.

Big guns don’t guarantee great aim. (credit: Guinness World Records)

Walter publishes his own book of high scores once a decade, but he was inspired by our design and said that he’d love to see a full-color version like the GWR book but didn’t have the ability. So we agreed to create the book if he would supply the content. Thus the Gamer’s Edition was born.
Also, in research groups we do every year, gaming comes up as the number one interest across all demographics. It’s no longer a niche interest. It’s now ubiquitous and ripe for record-breaking.

Yeah, Lara Kroft is here.

Yeah, Lara Croft is here. (credit: Guinness World Records)

MCD: The purpose of the book being?
Kevin Lynch: …the same as it was for the previous five – to provide the most comprehensive compendium of gaming world records, facts, figures, tips and fascinating trivia. We receive a lot of record attempts from gamers, and we were keen to provide them with their own, dedicated book. GWR has a long track record when it comes to monitoring and celebrating gaming records: not only through the previous Gamer’s Editions, but also in the annual Guinness World Records book. For Gamer’s 2013, we have brought together a team of top gaming journalists and professionals from the UK and beyond. The book is divided by genre – shooters, sports games, action-adventure, RPG, and so on – and each chapter is written by an expert in that field.

MCD: How did you decide which games to feature?
Kevin Lynch: We tend to feature the biggest and best games on the market, as they’re not only popular with our readers but are usually packed full of world records. Many of the games choose themselves. For example, you can’t have a gaming annual without including Call of Duty, Halo, GTA or FIFA! That’s not to say that “smaller” games – those with lower sales figures or less acclaim – don’t hold records, as plenty of them do, and we include those, as well.
We did a whole spread on zombies, as the editorial team felt great affinity with them!

MCD: So what’s the “Versus” section all about?

Kevin Lynch keeps his eye on gaming across the "pond."

The man, the matrix: Kevin Lynch (courtesy of Kevin Lynch)

Kevin Lynch: The “Versus” feature is just a bit of fun, pitting gaming legends such as Lara Croft and Nathan Drake against fellow legends. The vital criteria in these encounters include “street cred,” “underworld connections” and “potential for unleashing total carnage”. But then we also compare some of the characters on things like “costume department” and the all-important “hair”. It’s highly subjective, of course, and we’re keen to see whether our readers agree with the winners.
MCD: Fair to say that you’re keen on the Guinness World Records 2013 – Gamer’s Edition?
Kevin Lynch: As well as being entertained by the lowdown on their favorite games and the achievements of their fellow gamers, we hope game fans will read the book and think “I can break that record!” and go on to try…

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Marshal Rosenthal is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer specializing in technology, consumer electronics and pop culture. Visit his website.

first person game screen Guinness Gamer: Kevin Lynch Knows All the High Scores

There’s a WORLD in there!

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