UPDATE: ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie Sets FOUR Kickstarter Records

Good news, Neptune: the Veronica Mars movie will happen.

Creator Rob Thomas’s fundraising campaign appeared on Kickstarter this morning. It not only set a record of $1 million in 4 hours, it hit $2 million by hour 7, and even now, continues to pull in about $1000/minute.

The show, about a So-Cal teen sleuth that drew much more from Raymond Chandler than Nancy Drew, depicted its darkly comic protagonist outwitting not only principles and bullies, but organized crime and lunatic killers.

The cult fan favorite disappeared from The CW in 2007, but will now be filming this summer around star Kristen Bell’s shooting schedule for House of Lies, with a release in summer of 2014.

We're betting the character will still be poor, though.

We’re betting her character will still be poor, though.

Update: Apparently it’s set FOUR records: Fastest project to $1m, fastest project to $2m, highest goal ever achieved, and largest film project in Kickstarter history.

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