Comedy Spotlight: Andrew Ginsburg

by Chalaire Miller

Once upon a time I sold my soul to daytime TV, the place where vapid, emptiness goes to die. Also, a great place to learn that you never want to be an actor. However, it was an even better place to meet a hilarious individual, who wouldn’t stop trash talking everyone on the set. The place was One Life to Live, and that person was comedian Andrew Ginsburg. Andrew and I passed time playing uniformed police officers on the now-defunct soap opera, while he cracked jokes, and I laughed at every last one of them, without ever knowing he was a stand-up comedian.

Realizing acting wasn’t my thing when the show ended, I never thought I’d see Andrew Ginsburg again, until that one faithful morning when I looked up at my TV, and saw him telling “fat jokes” on ABC’s The View, during a comedy contest, and I thought…he’s got some big a** balls to do that on The View!

courtesy of Andrew Ginsburg

courtesy of Andrew Ginsburg

Andrew, who admits to always getting kicked out of class in high school for being a class clown, decided to pursue stand-up comedy seriously, after meeting legendary Boston comedian, Teddy Bergeron who became his mentor. A few short years later, Andrew went on to release his first comedy album, Dragon Slayer, which is inspired by his failed marriage to a Chinese immigrant. Andrew has also appeared on The Sopranos, All My Children, and he is a three-time champion bodybuilder. Oh, and did I mention…he’s really funny?

Check out Andrew’s Twitter feed and his website. If you’ll be in New York City on April 11th, catch him performing in a benefit show for the Laughter SavesLives Foundation at Gotham Comedy Club.

ChalaireChalaire Miller has contributed to Us Weekly, E! Fashion Police, and is an improv artist, stand-up comedian, writer, comedy blogger.and s**t-talker to the stars! You can provoke her s**t-talking on Twitter @laire or check out That’s What She Said.

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