Your Childhood: The Drinking Game

by Alli Reed

I’ve been playing drinking games since I was sixteen, and had played just about every established drinking game known to man by the time I graduated high school. College is a time of experimentation and self-discovery: for some people, that means reading Nietzsche and falling in love for the first time. I chose to devote my entire creative energy towards inventing progressively stranger and more intricate drinking games.

I’ve built drinking games that revolve around card games, dice games, word games, lateral thinking puzzles, tests of physical prowess, and every popular movie and TV show from the last 30 years. I’m compiling all these games into my memoirs (working title: I Can’t Believe I’m Still Alive Either: The Alli Reed Story); in the meantime, I tried to destroy your childhood by turning all your favorite kids’ party games into excuses to get embarrassingly, inexcusably hammered. I figured I ought to test these drinking games out first — for science — and I took pictures, so good luck trying to get hired anywhere ever again, “friends.”

Start with Pin the Tail on the Drunky…

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