Tara Babcock’s Ten Commandments of Gaming

by Tara Babcock

The overall gaming community is an international and diverse people. We come together from all over the globe to compete over the internet and game networks in a wide variety of game genres, from shooters and platformers to real-time strategy games and fighters. With all of the interactions and communication we have, I feel it is necessary to lay out some “ground rules”, if you will, to keep the peace and preserve the friendly-yet competitive nature of gaming. With all of the different types of people and games out there kept in mind, here are my Ten Commandments of Gaming, and why I think they should be observed!

1. Thou Shalt Wish Thy Neighbor “GLHF”

This is a great commandment to start out with, since it deals with the beginning of a game. Saying “good luck, have fun” may just be a simple pleasantry, but it says leaps and bounds about your humility in a competitive situation, and it shows respect for your opponent. Keeping things positive and friendly, especially in a team game situation such as League of Legends, will rub off on the others playing and will not only add to their drive to try their best and succeed, but will add to the intensity of the opposing team as well. Everyone wants to beat the guy who’s in a good mood on the internet! Preserve your mental health and promote a stress-free online gameplay environment. You can even use my trick, and macro “GLHF <3” onto your mechanical gaming keyboard!

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