‘Injustice’ is Gorgeous, Brutal, Awesome

Fanboys start your engines! There’s a lot to love about Injustice: Gods Among Us, the latest fighting game from NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive. Twenty-four playable characters straight from the DC universe all with unique signature moves, 15 different battle arenas each with destructible environments, interactive objects that can that can be used during gameplay to either damage opponents or dodge attacks, unlockable costumes, concept art, music and game modes…and to top it off a slew of easter eggs for eagle eyed players to enjoy. But the one thing that Injustice does better than any other fighting game out right now is the story mode. For me, Story battle alone is worth getting the game for. Warning: slight spoilers ahead.

The game’s story mode is like experiencing an interactive version of the much loved Justice League Unlimited cartoon. A majority of the same voice actors from JLU are in the game. Kevin Conroy and George Newbern reprise their roles as Batman and Superman and this game is extremely cinematic. I had almost as much fun watching the cut scenes between fight s play out as I did actually fighting. In some instances I wanted to hurry up and get through the battles just to see how the story would play out in the next scene. Here’s a brief rundown of the plot, In an alternate universe following a tragic accident Superman throws his moral compass out the window and decides the best way to help humanity is to take over the planet. He enlists former enemies and allies alike to follow under his command. But Batman has the courage to stand against Superman’s regime. And this alternate Batman get some much needed assistance from the help of the Leaguers we all know and love.

Oh and for those of you that question how can Green Arrow or Catwoman go toe-to-toe with powerhouses like Doomsday or Black Adam? The answer is quite clever and revealed pretty early on in the story mode. Kyrptonian based nano-tech ability enhancing pills, developed by Superman that “increases the strength of bone and tissue by several thousand percent.” In short, once you take the pill you get super-strong and can take ridiculous amounts of punishment without being reduced to a smear on the floor.

Visually the game is beautiful. The character models look great and the game runs at a silky smooth 60 frames per second. Most of the classic DC locations are included such as, Arkham Asylum, Metropolis, Gotham City, Atlantis, the Fortress of Solitude and many others. Comic fans will recognize some characters in the backgrounds of a few levels, such as Martian Manhunter, Mr. Terrific, and Deadshot. Even Darkseid appears briefly if you trigger the correct sequence.

The in-game tutorial ensures that the experience is accessible to both newcomers and fighting genre veterans. Special attacks aren’t difficult to perform once they are charged up. The transitions sequences from one fighting stage to another are both beautiful and brutal. The game doesn’t include fatalities but characters do show damage in their appearance (ripped clothes blood stains etc).

Injustice also features online multiplayer with both ranked and unranked options, a theater view and a wager system where you can put up XP and challenge other players. S.T.A.R. Labs missions which are a variety of single player challenges that when completed offer more XP and key card items which can be used to unlock features in the Hall of justice archives.

Tons of replayabilty, the best story mode to ever be introduced in a fighting game and top-notch production values I give this an 8.5 out of 10. Highly recommended for fighting game enthusiasts and comic book fans alike. Injustice: Gods Among Us is available for thePS3, Xbox 360 and the Wii U.



Jeremiah is one cool guy. Ask him about the comic he’s drawing.

Danse Macabre

Danse Macabre

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