New York Has Real Life Superheroes Now

Man Cave has a long and proven record of supporting real life superheroes, except when we’re teasing them or praying they don’t get themselves or others hurt.

So we’re really cool with hearing that New York, home to thousands of comic book superheroes, finally has its own real ones. In fact, they’re an entire team of peacekeepers, and they’re called New York Initiative. How cool is that? Click that link to watch them scale walls, protect society, and patrol the subways.

Good work, supercitizens. But dear God, people, please don’t get in any fights.

We're not saying he's Batman, we're just saying Bruce Wayne isn't real but Batman, obviously, is.

We’re not saying he’s Batman, we’re just saying Bruce Wayne isn’t real but Batman, obviously, is.

Wait a second, didn't we already run this photo with our "Vampire Insurance Fraud" article?

Wait a second, didn’t we already run this photo with our “Vampire Insurance Fraud” article?

Have a laugh with The 5 Nuttiest Real Life Superheroes or help us prove Gotham City is actually Newark with Cory Booker May Be a Superhero!


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