Athletes Who Improved After an Injury

It’s a true testament to the human spirit that an injury – no matter how deep, be it physical, mental, emotional, etc. – does not have to be career ending. Heck, history is full of examples of people suffering seemingly insurmountable maladies, only to both heal up and come back better than ever. One disquietingly personal example of this is the time your stepfather, Todd, got laid off at the wire-molding factory, and he drank all the rye in the house! You thought he was done with the sauce after that fateful wednesday night with all the yelling. But the next day…boy howdy. That’s when he bounced back and started drinking right through the hangover.

But hey, forget about all that. You and your therapist have already done a lot of work there. Besides, pop culture has a ton of characters overcoming injuries too! Balrog defeated Gandolf, only for him to come back with a new hairdo and a spiffy white robe. Don Flamenco suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Little Mac, later returning better than ever (even though he still looked like Prince Charles). Heck, even Henry Rowengartner bounced back from that nasty broken arm.

Unfortunately, you’ll note that all these examples will absolutely get the piss beaten out of you at your neighborhood speakeasy. Luckily, we’ve got some examples of sporting gentlemen who have suffered the greatest of maladies and came through better than ever on the other side. Next time this conversation comes up, just cite these four and you’ll blend in with those athletic ruffians in no time!

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