Let’s Check Back in with Maximus Thor!

by Brendan McGinley

Hey, remember the most awesome kid in the universe, Maximus Thor? He’s been busy. Doing lots of things. Important things. What kind of things? Not your business to know, chuckles. But now he’s back in a Bumblebee costume–no, not a bumblebee costume, but Bumblebee from Transformers, what are you, making a joke out of him? He brings with him a dog, a vampire, and a lawyer, making this the setup to some kind of impossible bar joke. As always, watch out for language, if you’re at work, or just a wuss.

The great thing about Maximus Thor is he keeps the weirdness short and sweet. Here he is in a stage of half-vampirism himself, meditating on the nature of the warrior and cocaine. While shooting pool. And playing on a swing. Because why not?

Then it’s time for orange slices, because Maximus Thor loves some goddamn orange slices. Except his dad’s been taken over by internet memes and online gaming trash talk. What follows is an epic battle of epicness that ends in a fatality.

Damn, Maximus Thor, you are one ruthless mother!^(%er. We can’t help but wonder if this is partially scripted by Maximus himself, à la Axe Cop.

Say goodbye to the rest of your free time this year.

Say goodbye to the rest of your free time this year.

When not editing Man Cave Daily, Brendan McGinley writes comics and comedy for the internet’s pleasure. And hey, kid, have a Twitter, too.

pmw live Lets Check Back in with Maximus Thor!

Who is this turkey?

Brendan recently invented the Hamster Cannon in Weapons That Aren’t in Black Ops II (But Should Be), and found you some more YouTube hilarity with ‘Friday’ Producer Just Trolling Now with Thanksgiving.

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