Review: A Mexican Standoff Brews in ‘Brother Lono’ #1

by Jeremiah Wallace

Confession time, I haven’t read Vertigo’s 100 Bullets. I’ve been meaning to, it’s on my ever growing checklist of “Things that I need to read or else I’ll embarrass myself one day.” Now before you ask, “Why the hell is he reviewing this comic, then?” I am a new fan of crime/noir fiction genre, I got my feet wet with Brubaker’s Incognito, then moved on to Bendis’s Powers and Remender’s Last Days of American Crime I’m currently reading Fatale but after reading Brother Lono #1, 100 Bullets just jumped to the top of my “Must read now!” list (I have a lot of lists).

Minor spoilers ahead — Oh man this book is gritty. Set in Mexico, it starts off with a brutal torture scene gleefully conducted by someone who I presume to be the series’s big baddie, a currently unnamed gold chain-wearing sadist with the numbers “666” and “Diablo” tattooed on his forehead. We then find Lono working with the Policia and the D.E.A by escorting one of their undercover agents (Sister Lucy) to a church. Said church has dealings with the same drug cartel that was torturing poor Ernesto for information in the beginning of the story. Through a unfortuitous series of circumstances the wrong man gets identified as the D.E.A agent and Lono and Sister Lucy narrowly escape the attention of 666 and his gun toting buddies.

Good thing it’s an oversized issue, even though all the main character introductions and the premise has been given, all the pieces are still coming together. I can’t wait for the inevitable confrontation between Brother Lono and 666. In the first two pages of the book Lono is digging what seems to be a mass grave so I’m assuming that when these two meet a bloodbath will ensue. This is great start to a series that’s sure will be filled with even more guns, drugs, sex, violence, corrupt cops and priests, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Brother Lono #1 written by Brian Azzarello and drawn by Eduardo Risso available today is highly recommended, and for mature audiences only.



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Danse Macabre

Danse Macabre!

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