Summer Solstice: The Longest, Sexiest Day of the Year

Still working on your summer solstice plans for this June 21st? Get ready for a day filled with bendy yoga chicks taking over Times Square, an expat community renowned for its world-class looks prancing around a giant penis pole, and a sunset so out of this world, it belongs on a film set in the Andromeda galaxy.

Solstice in Times Square is an all-day yoga event for those seeking mind over madness on a mat in the middle of bustling Broadway. Thousands of yogis pour onto the streets in Times Square each year to celebrate the new season, enjoy one of four yoga classes occurring throughout the day, and obtain tons of schwag from sponsors like Smart Water and Athleta. This event fills up quickly and pre-registration is required, so click here to make sure you’re able to be one of the many downward-facing doggers collectively sticking their butts way up in the air for all of Times Square to see. Otherwise, enjoy the views from the sidelines and see just how sweaty it gets on that sizzling pavement.

maypole thinkstock1 Summer Solstice: The Longest, Sexiest Day of the Year

Swedish Midsummer Festival in Battery Park attracts expat Swedes and pagan revelers alike for an early evening of food, folks, and fun. With its roots tracing back to pre-Christian times, the majority of Scandinavians still enjoy this hugely popular annual celebration, most notably by drinking and dancing around a midsommarstang (uh, a phallic pole symbolizing fertility). Are you man enough to dance around a large upside-down penis poking prominently into the earth? Then you, my friend, might just land yourself a hot Swedish chick who shall be equally enthused by the merriment of midsommar in Battery Park this June 21st.

The city that never sleeps stops for sunset.

The city that never sleeps stops for sunset.

Manhattanhenge offers Solstice celebrators and pagans-in-training a sci-fi experience fit for a Steven Spielberg film. Referencing the mysterious formation of Stonehenge in England (just as the sun’s light precisely aligns with its large slabs of stone), this groovy phenomenon is a great photo op for anyone who finds themselves standing on West 42nd Street (or any east-west street for that matter) during the summer and winter solstice. Why do we like this stunning semi-annual solar event so much more in the summertime? Because it’s too damn cold to stop and admire that big orange ball of fire descending between buildings in December, that’s why. And because the women who stop to Instagram it are wearing a whole lot less in June.

We pitted the nicest guy we know against this pint-sized sadist to prove yoga is not for the weak.

We pitted the nicest guy we know against this pint-sized sadist to prove yoga is not for the weak.

Barbara Purcell is a NYC-based yoga instructor with anger issues. In addition to celebrating the longest day of the year every day of the year, she specializes in Pilates, awesome stretches, and insane arm balances. She has been featured on Tyra Banks, Playboy Radio, and Cosmo Radio, empowering others to put the “ho” in holistic. Check out her website here.

Oooeee, check out the gams on tho--wait a second, those are dudes. England, you've tricked us again!

Oooeee, check out the gams on tho–wait a second, those are dudes. England, you’ve tricked us again!

Babs put 30 Rock‘s Dot Com through the wringer in Is Yoga Manly? Kevin “Dot Com” Brown Tests It for Us, and we asked an Englishman to explain the concept of penis poles to us in May Day: Innocent Field Day or Sex Fest?

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