10 Weird Questions with Jillette Johnson

Singer/songwriter Jillette Johnson has a powerful voice and a new album, Water in a Whale, that makes even our stony hearts a little tender. What sets her apart from the usual muck and fuss of most solo acts is how sincere and personal her material is while remaining relatable. But don’t take our word for it — go listen to the full album now while we get some alone time to ask her these weird questions.

1. What person (living or dead) would you duel, and what’s your choice of weapon?

Taylor Swift. I’d use the broken end of a pool cue.

2. What’s the last dream you remember? What do you think it meant?

I was at summer camp trying to save my family from a flood. I think it means I want to keep my childhood intact.

3. What job would you be terrible at, and why?

Nanny. I’d make a mess of the house and be intimidated by the children.

Question #11: Do you like us? Check Y or N.

Question #11: Do you like us? Check Y or N.

4. What are you afraid of?

Children. Haha. No, but really needles, doctors offices, and not realizing my dreams.

5. If you could get away with one crime, what would it be?

Streaking. Because I don’t want to hurt anyone and I abhor theft.

6. What’s your most embarrassing high school moment?

I fell down two flights of stairs wearing a dress (which flew over my head) and big bright red underwear.

7. What’s the worst date you’ve had?

This creepy comedian took me for a first date to an erotic art exhibit in an old warehouse. I told him I felt uncomfortable and wasn’t very into it and that I was leaving, and he started crying.

8. What’s the hardest you’ve ever laughed?

Every time I’m hungover with my best friend. It’s too many times to remember. But everything’s funny and we have no filter.

9. Would you rather encounter a ghost, aliens, or Bigfoot? Why?

Bigfoot because I imagine he would be like Beast from The Sandlot. When you meet him he’s probably eager, friendly and starved for attention.

10. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Chocolate-covered ants.

Sometimes she's leather, sometimes she's lace. That's what makes a well-rounded woman.

Sometimes she’s leather, sometimes she’s lace. That’s what makes a well-rounded woman.

Come back tomorrow to see Jillette’s answers for our very first Girlfriend Audition!



Brendan McGinley is editor round these parts when not writing comics or Cracked columns. You can say a neighborly hello to him on Twitter @BrendanMcGinley.

Cats never forgive this kind of thing.

Cats never forgive this kind of thing.

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