Girlfriend Audition: Jillette Johnson

We’re not going to tell you why Jillette Johnson is a great musician because we did that yesterday.  Instead we’re going to feed this crush we’ve been nursing for the last 24 hours and flirt with her. She’s very, very good at it, incidentally. If flirtation were music, Jillette Johnson would be Jillette Johnson. Now kick back, light some candles, and set the mood with a free listen to her new album, Water in a Whale.   

Do you often make the first move?

I make the first eyes and let them break the ice.

We're floored too.

We’re floored too.

Make us laugh. Tell us a funny joke or anecdote.

Too much pressure. I’ll make you laugh if you just watch me. I have that clumsy charm that makes you wonder when, not if I’m gonna spill my water on you or fall down the stairs.

What’s your dating style?

I’m open minded. I’m down to try things and have adventures. But don’t disrespect me. I’ll split in a second.


Good morning!

Why do you make a good girlfriend?

Because I’m very thoughtful and I can hang. It makes me happy to make you happy. So I’ll make you dinner, rub your shoulders, charm your mom and make fun of you with your friends (and you’ll like it.)

Keep reading to see what mom can never know about…

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