LFL QB Angela Rypien Is Your New Sports Idol and/or Crush

Remember when we told you to keep an eye on Baltimore Charm QB Angela “Ripper” Rypien? The Legends Football League agrees. They just posted a new video profiling the 6′ tall stunner, who’s had to defend her skills against opponents who want to cast her in her father‘s shadow. But if the LFL recruited The Ripper for her connection to Super Bowl champ Mark Rypien, what they got was a strong arm, solid aim, and one of the hungriest players in the league. Watch the video below…

Though nobody’s worked out a passer rating equation for the LFL as of yet, her stats are comparable enough to the Philly Passion’s Christy Bell to make the latter quarterback reconsider her words. And while we absolutely love the LFL for letting players talk worse public trash than a WWE bout, we’re going to say Bell’s wrong. On her first pass for the Charm Rypien proved herself the inheritor of her dad’s deep passing skill. Her heritage hasn’t led her to coast; it’s fueled her fire to succeed. Watch that video, and you’ll see a woman determined to carve a fresh hunk of glory for herself. The league needs that. Fans need that. And players like Rypien are why the LFL is the most fun in football.



Brendan McGinley is editor round these parts when not writing comics or Cracked columns. You can say a neighborly hello to him on Twitter @BrendanMcGinley.

DeHaven pretty much was the Charm in their 2011/12 season, so...yeah. She’s the one to watch, coming and going. Little-known fact: The refrain “Omar comin’ ” from The Wire was actually inspired by DeHaven’s defensive/offensive two-fisted fury, except not really because that would be silly. She’s a perfect example of why the LFL is great: driven, ambitious athletes who aren’t afraid to get rowdy. Also, keep an eye on QB Angela Rypien, who joins the team from the Seattle Mist.

DeHaven pretty much was the Baltimore Charm in their 2011/12 season.

Brendan recently interviewed actress Christine Lakin about why The Pain Makes It Funny, and shouldered the difficult task of picking the biggest badasses in the Legends Football League.


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