A Day in the Life of…God

Written by Jacopo della Quercia
Infographic by Brendan McGinley

While the rest of us BBQ, the Almighty is hard at work. Let’s take a look at what the Divine One gets up to on a typical day… 

642god A Day in the Life of...God

Not sure if that's a villainous deathtrap or a swinging '60s afterparty. (20th Century Fox)

Not sure if that’s a villainous deathtrap or a swinging ’60s afterparty.

Jacopo della Quercia is a man of many talents who somehow eluded death in 1438. He can regularly be found at Cracked and on Twitter @Jacopo_della_Q

It ain't easy being 9' of man in 6'4" of President.

It ain’t easy being 9′ of man in 6’4″ of President.

Jacopo uncovered the secrets of A Day in the Life of…Robin and A Day in the Life of…Abraham Lincoln.

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