Daym Good Eatin’!

Our "super official" interview with Daymon "Daym Drops" Patterson
by Danny Gallagher

It wasn’t that long ago that Daymon Patterson was just like any hard-working American running for a bite to eat on his lunch break. However, he got the brilliant idea to turn his mobile, makeshift lunch table (aka the front seat of his car) into a food review show for drive-thru foodies (aka anyone who doesn’t watch The Food Channel).

“I didn’t go into doing food reviews on YouTube thinking to myself that a TV show would ever come of it,” Daym said. “I worked my regular job at Carmax in Hartford, CT as a buyer. It started as a hobby of me being in front seat of my vehicle and pretty much doing what everybody does on their lunch, grabbing a quick bite to eat.”

That hobby has turned into a vlog empire with a regular audience of hundreds of thousands of hungry viewers and some very big endorsements from celebrities like Jimmy Fallon and The Gregory Brothers. Both of those achievements finally convinced The Travel Channel to finally give Daym Drops his own show called “Best Daym Takeout” premiering this Wednesday.

“It was Daym Drops in the beginning but I was still finding my way,” he said. “I would start my reviews off with ‘Hey guys, it’s Daym, I’m back with another one’ whereas now it’s very a elaborate introduction that most individuals can pick up but I do it really fast…it creates the stage and gets individuals excited about what I’m about to review.”

His unique, bouncy, baller personality is undoubtedly the driving force behind the success of his series, a rise that started with his memorable review of Five Guys beloved burger and fries, he said.

“I shot that back in April of 2012 and that’s when my whole, entire life changed,” Daym said. “One of the individuals that watched that particular review, he took the review and put it on his Reddit channel. I didn’t know about Reddit. He left me a message saying ‘Daym, hope you don’t mind but I took your Five Guys review and I loved it and I put it on my Reddit channel and it’s doing pretty good.'”

Pretty good is an understatement. It got so many likes that it made Reddit’s coveted front page and built a massive audience of viewers for Daym’s channel almost overnight. He also picked up an endorsement from Late Night host Jimmy Fallon on his Facebook page that led to reviews on his NBC late night show of the Whitman’s Sampler and McDonald’s elusive McRib.

He was also gifted with the honor of his having his famous Five Guys review auto-tuned by The Gregory Brothers, the Internet music group behind “Auto-Tune the News” who helped turned names like Antonie Dotson and Cara “Can’t Hug Every Cat” Hartmann into even bigger celebrities.

Naturally, television came calling but Daym said he was wary about networks or production studios messing too much with the format of his original vision.

“Nobody was really talking about anything that I really wanted to do outside of The Travel Channel,” he said. “They didn’t want to change what I was doing. They wanted to actually add to my format of me reviewing hot, fresh meals from the front seat of my vehicle and just put it out there for the world.”

His new show, “Best Daym Takeout,” is just that except he spends 30 glorious minutes in a major American metropolis finding the best greasy spoon and “mom and pop” restaurants that serve hot and tasty comfort food that he can review from the front seat of his rental car. The six episodes that The Travel Channel sent Daym to review tasty dishes such as deep dish pizza in Chicago, roast beef po-boys in New Orleans and slow smoked ribs in Atlanta.

“I’m gonna order it and I’m gonna eat it right there in the parking lot and then I’ll pretty much break it down and give you that review,” he said. “I’ll go as far as having a lobster [Los Angeles’ Neptune’s Net on the Pacific Coast Highway] with me in the front seat of the vehicle. For me, when I think of takeout, it’s like quick finger foods, something you can knock back and be done with it but I’ll do a review of the lobster right there from the front seat. If it comes in a takeout bag. I’m gonna make it happen.”

Of course, eating such decadent treats for a living can take quite a toll on your health but Daym said he does his best to keep his diet in moderation and sticks to a rigid workout regimen.

“I’m in a gym three to four times a week and I’m literally at the gym at 3 a.m. in the morning,” Daym said. “Everybody has that feeling like, ‘Uh, I don’t want to go the gym.’ If you do it as soon as you wake up, you’ll always go.”

Clearly, they really love comedy or cheese.

Clearly, they really love comedy or cheese.

Danny Gallagher is a freelance writer, reporter, humorist, blogger and bacon Viagra tester. He can be found on the web at, his Facebook page and Twitter @thisisdannyg.

It's all about the soy sauce.  (credit: Getty Images/Getty Entertainment)

We wish Romney would run again just so we could have Luther back. Boom, Mitt!

Danny also interviewed Key & Peele’s Keegan-Michael Key and “Whose Line It It Anyway’s” Brad Sherwood and Colin Mochrie.


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