MAD about the NSA Spying Scandal?

by Brendan McGinley

We don’t know much about politics, but we know pretty much everybody in the country is a little miffed that the government’s been compiling like…all the data, everywhere forever. One thing we do know is to shut up and defer to those masters of satire at MAD Magazine, so when they asked if we’d like to preview their “War on Privacy” issue (issue #523) with an Al Jaffee fold-in, we said, “Sure!” and that email was immediately forwarded to DARPA’s Total Information Awareness program. We’re sorry, tyrannical overlords! Please don’t black-bag us. Oh oh oh, but if you DO black-bag us, can we be cellmates with Alfred E. Neuman? Oh, and please forward our MAD subscription to Guantanamo for us? Thanks!


Remember when the grey spy was a buxom blonde and only harassed the B&W Spies? Life was better then.


You put all those industries together, you are going to get the world’s creepiest robot posing as a human.

MAD Magazine 523 Fold-in Closed

Although PRISM did begin in 2007, so let’s not pretend either party’s executive overview is blameless.

What, you fifty-eight?

What, you adorable?

Brendan McGinley is editor round these parts when not writing comics or Cracked columns. According to his parents, MAD was the first thing he ever read, when someone foolishly left it within reach as a child. Follow him at Twitter @BrendanMcGinley.

Wake up and face the day, knowing that you are literally made of iron.

Wake up and face the day, knowing that you are literally made of iron.

Brendan previously interviewed editor John Ficarra in MAD about Alfred E. Neuman and accounted for how the 10 most common metals in your body make you superpowered.

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