Review: ‘In A World…’

by Joe Dixon

Is there anything interesting about the world of voice performers? Probably not [Well, we think there is. –Ed.] but this didn’t stop Lake Bell from making her directorial-writer-star debut centered on those very people.

In A World… is the story of a vocal coach by the name of Carol Solomon, who gets a lucky break in the movie-trailer voiceover profession and ends up as a competitor against her egotistical dad, Sam Sotto (played by Fred Melamed who gets a lot of scene time with his shirt off. If you are into fat, hairy old white dudes this picture will make your day), who’s one of the kings in that rarefied field. The picture also contains a subplot starring Rob Corddry as Carol’s brother-in-law and Michaela Watkins as Carol’s sister. This particular portion of the flick, which revolves around borderline infidelity, seems to exist for no other reason than perhaps Ms. Bell saw Woody Allen use this same plot device in a gazillion of his movies and thought she should give it a try. Or maybe Corddry and Watkins work cheap, had nothing better to do that week and so Lake Bell decided to put them in her picture.

Also along for the ride is Demetri Martin as Louis, the sound engineer who pines after Carol in ways only women in movies find attractive and Ken Marino as Gustav, an up-and-coming movie trailer personality, Carol’s one night stand and steam room fan (if showing male ass and shirtless dudes is Lake Bell’s attempt to answer all those films that gratuitously display half naked females, well then, point made.). We also get a few minutes with Louis’ co-workers played respectively by Nick Offerman, Tig Notaro and Alexandra Holden. Or perhaps it would be better to list them as their characters should have been named: Ok Man, Woman With Nothing To Do, and Perfectly Adequate Woman.

In A World is by no means a bad film. In fact, some of the points the film makes, especially in the cameo scene with Geena Davis, are on point. Indeed, Davis’ comments about women and the film industry are probably why Ms. Bell wrote the film in the first place. It could also be considered gutsy to have a main character find out they aren’t the best, they’re just what’s needed at the time.

The problem is the film simply is not all that funny. It’s at best mildly amusing with a light touch of female empowerment mixed in to give it heft. In other words, if In A World… were a trailer, you’d likely wait to see the movie on Netflix.

By nerds, for nerds...which in 2013 is like 91% of the population.

By nerds, for nerds…which in 2013 is like 91% of the population.

Joe is the co-host of the Skeptiles podcast, star of his own YouTube channel and a stand up comedian, in other words, he’s horribly poor. You can follow him on Twitter @JoeLewisdixon where he can bore you or offend you depending upon your preference.

It's not a bad pun, either.

It’s not a bad pun, either.

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