Batman Spat On Me: A Night Out At College Humor Live

I’m at a CollegeHumor live show, seated besides two young ladies whom I’ll later learn are named Jennifer and Joya. The two women have attended a couple of CollegeHumor shows and are huge fans. It is while I’m seated next to them that I first notice how much of the audience is female. Now, that might not mean anything to some of you but the number of women attending is worth noting for the simple reason that not too long ago there was a huge fight among feminists and comedians (a fight that is over now, right?) about the types of material comics were performing and how they hurt women.

You can do your own research on the ends and outs of these battles, it’s only mentioned here to make the observation that here is a comedy show that (at least on the night I went) managed to be funny and still have plenty of female audience members, some, like Jennifer and Joya showed up on their own. Make of that what you will.

PO5Ql6M Batman Spat On Me: A Night Out At College Humor Live

(Photo: Joe Dixon for Man Cave Daily)

Anyway, the show opens with an auto tune of video clips from what I’m guessing are popular CollegeHumor videos. This is done to the utter delight of everyone in attendance. Then out comes someone to rap about not being included in any of the sketches and how the audience has herpes. He’s very good and freestyles with the best of them.

Next we get the host/stars of the show, Jake and Amir both decked out in tuxes. Jake looking better in his than Amir does, which is either the point or an unfortunate set of events. They have an easygoing banter. However, as far as this reviewer is concerned, there best bit happens later in the evening when audience members are invited to toss a Chicken McNugget into Amir’s mouth.

That bit, according to the duo, was created by a fan who apparently, was keen on tossing food at performers like they are dogs, which is not the worse thing you can compare comedians to, one supposes. Though Amir prefers to call himself the basket and Jake, the shot caller. Pick whichever works best for you.

There was, of course, some standup comedy and a series of sketches. The strongest, based on audience reaction, being Josh Ruben’s character Gale Beggy Sleepover which combines a sketch premise, a hideous woman comes out to give advise on relationships, with what is basically a standup comedy routine. Likely, I am the only person on the planet unfamiliar with this character but just in case I’m not, take a look at this…

But the stand out sketch for myself was the Pete Holmes and Matt McCarthy Batman sketch. The basic joke is that McCarthy is a frustrated Commissioner Gordon talking to a fantastically stupid Batman. At one point during the performance, Holmes interacts with the audience. He even one gets into a back and forth with an older audience member who really, really wanted to be part of the show, allowing McCarthy and Holmes a chance to score some shots off the man, most of them suggesting that he was secretly Alfred, Batman’s butler. But the highlight for me was having Holmes put his hand firmly on my shoulder while letting out a spray of spit as he talked that landed on my face.

boXGwh9 Batman Spat On Me: A Night Out At College Humor Live

(Photo: Joe Dixon for Man Cave Daily)

While you might not know it by looking at me, I don’t actually like being spat on, making this a very curious development to say the least.

I should say that Pete Holmes is a comic on his way up. He is about to head up his own talk show on TBS. I talked to him briefly after the show. As I approached him he had several drinks in his hands. Full disclosure, we vaguely know each other from the comedy world. Take a listen.

And with that, I was out the door.

This photo is clearly touched up--where's all the bacon?

This photo is clearly touched up–where’s all the bacon?

Joe is the co-host of the Skeptiles podcast, star of his own YouTube channel and a stand up comedian, in other words, he’s horribly poor. You can follow him on Twitter @JoeLewisdixon where he can bore you or offend you depending upon your preference.

Booze, babes, and sharks. Yes, yes, this all checks out. (All photos credit: Blake Northcott/Man Cave Daily)

Booze, babes, and sharks. Yes, yes, this all checks out.

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