The 25 Greatest Sitcom Theme Songs of All Time

by Rob Fee

Is it just me or does it feel like we’ve lost the art of TV theme songs? It used to be triumphant and huge. You’d find yourself singing it on your way to work or humming it without even realizing what was stuck in your head. Nowadays theme songs don’t have that majesty or that passion. Somewhere along the way we lost our joy. Fear not! We’ve gone back and compiled the most epic sitcom theme songs of all time. From TGIF to Must See TV, this is the cream of the crop. Now this has nothing to do with the show itself, (OK maybe a little) we’re judging purely on theme song alone. Put all of these on your iPod because this is the good stuff. Number one may come as a surprise but give it a listen and see if you aren’t motivated to chase your dreams and pursue your goals.

25. The Love Boat

You have to admit, it’s a classic. I’m not putting it on my iPod or anything, but it’s one of those things you have to honor just for how iconic it has remained.

24. Green Acres

No other song can get stuck in your head like this one. I’m still humming it and I haven’t heard it since 1989. Justin Timberlake would kill for that kind of longevity. On top of that, it’s about farming so it’s safe for the whole family!

...or IS it?  (yeah, it totally is. They shower in their underwear in Green Acres.)

…or IS it?
(yeah, it totally is. They shower in their underwear in Green Acres.)

23. Who’s The Boss?

As much as I love this one I have mixed feelings because at one moment I’m picturing Alyssa Milano, who I had a giant crush on at the time (and still do) and the next minute it’s Tony Danza sliding into home plate like a young Johnny Bench. Also Mona’s face creeped me out.

22. The Brady Bunch

Another classic that you just can’t dislike. I love that all of these older shows decided the best way to catch you up on the concept of the show was to sing it to you. Can you imagine if a show like Nip/Tuck did that?

21. Friends

While I could never see another episode of Friends again and die happy, there’s no denying the theme song was a complete juggernaut. If you and your pals didn’t do the clap part along with the part in the first verse, you’re all terrible monsters.

20. Cheers

The theme song is basically the only thing that does hold up from Cheers. I always pictured John Legend playing that little piano part, but I’m fairly certain it wasn’t him. Quick question, were only white people allowed in that bar? Was it set in the ’50s?

19. Bosom Buddies

Tom Hanks is dressed as a woman so you really don’t need much more to sell this show, but that didn’t stop them from putting together one of the most catchy theme songs I’ve ever heard. It’s like “Blurred Lines,” but replace the girls in the video with Hanks.

18. The Hogan Family

The song has a perfect ’80s inspirational feel to it, but I never understood how the family of five was playing a full, regulation game of football. There’s even one scene where a team is kicking off! Was this a game of two on two with an all time quarterback? The logic is just not there.

17. Welcome Back, Kotter

If you need to know how good their theme song was, it was sampled and made into a rap song by Mase. Mase! That guy used to rap with Diddy so you know he’s legit.

16. Three’s Company

Three’s Company‘s song fit so well with the show. It was welcoming, fun, and made you want to come hang out at their shady apartment where the landlord knew no lines of privacy.

15. My Two Dads

Oh man did this song kick it big time. The bizarre story of two guys who weren’t together raising a teenage girl in one house was confusing to say the least, but for some reason we accepted it as completely rational.

14. The Golden Girls

No Golden Girls, thank YOU for being a friend. I never enjoyed watching these horny old ladies, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t blast that theme song as I drove through the neighborhood at 2 a.m.

13. Seinfeld

The Seinfeld theme was so simple and yet so perfect. Honestly, the show was so good you could have a gorilla throwing tortilla shells at a drum set and it would be tolerated. This is better than the gorilla, though.

12. Saved by the Bell

I’m not sure how this song or title really fit with the show seeing how Zack and the gang were constantly still in the hallway chatting after the tardy bell had rang. Were there even rules at Bayside?

11. The Cosby Show (Season 6)

I hope you noticed that I specified season 6. That’s So Raven had joined the cast at that point and, not only did she take the show to a new level, she ushered in an era of a new theme song. This one is far superior to its predecessor.

10. The Addams Family

The theme song is still played at just about every major sporting event in the world and if that isn’t enough for you, MC Hammer made it into a rap. The 1-2 punch that every singer/songwriter dreams of as a child.

9. The Facts of Life

You take the good/the take the bad/you give the bad back/and there you have, The Facts of Life theme song! I haven’t seen the show in years, but I’ll pull up the intro song every once in a while on YouTube just to keep it fresh. It’s a gem.

8. Charles in Charge

Scott Baio may not have been the best nanny, but his theme song was was definitely fantastic. The only thing that mattered to me when I watched it as a teen was when Nicole Eggert showed up. I have a deeper appreciation for the song now, but I still love you, Nicole.

7. Sanford & Son

This one combined two of my favorite things; harmonica solos and junk yards. If Blues Traveler ever did a show in a junk yard I would buy the entire front row just to make sure no one hindered my experience. I can’t help it, I love them.

6. Happy Days

Not only did the Happy Days song make you want to put on a leather jacket and dance in front of your local diner, it was also a great way to teach your children the days of the week. Thanks for the life lesson, Happy Days!

5. Full House

I’ll never understand why Jesse and the Rippers didn’t do the theme song to Full House. Jesse was good enough for The Beach Boys for crying out loud! Still though, a song that makes us question what happened to the milk man and paper boy is both mysterious and wonderful.

4. Step by Step

What could you possibly get to accompany Patrick Duffy riding on a rollercoaster? How about one of the greatest theme songs ever made? There’s not a dull moment and it never changed even with the addition of their mentally challenged cousin Cody.

3. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Everyone knows the rap and it will be passed down to each generation. If there is a time capsule to preserve the history of earth, the Fresh Prince theme song will be included in that capsule.

2. The Jeffersons

Didn’t this song make you want to be a better person? I wanted to work harder and get a better job so I could also move on up and get a bigger piece of the pie! I love pie!

1. Perfect Srangers

This one may come as a surprise to many of you, but if you have any doubts why don’t you take a listen to that powerhouse of a song. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Wasn’t that incredible? I felt like I could start a small business or win a mixed martial arts tournament. This is not only the greatest theme song of all time, but also the most underrated theme song of all time. You did it, Cousin Larry.

Do you remember this happening? Because we *#&@*ing don't. This might be the show's lost creepypasta episode.

Do you remember this happening? Because we *#&@*ing don’t. This might be the show’s lost creepypasta episode.

Rob Fee is a writer and comedian best known for writing and telling jokes. You can follow him on Twitter @RobFee to read more of these jokes or go to Del Taco. He’s probably there.

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