The 25 Greatest Sitcom Theme Songs of All Time

by Rob Fee

Is it just me or does it feel like we’ve lost the art of TV theme songs? It used to be triumphant and huge. You’d find yourself singing it on your way to work or humming it without even realizing what was stuck in your head. Nowadays theme songs don’t have that majesty or that passion. Somewhere along the way we lost our joy. Fear not! We’ve gone back and compiled the most epic sitcom theme songs of all time. From TGIF to Must See TV, this is the cream of the crop. Now this has nothing to do with the show itself, (OK maybe a little) we’re judging purely on theme song alone. Put all of these on your iPod because this is the good stuff. Number one may come as a surprise but give it a listen and see if you aren’t motivated to chase your dreams and pursue your goals.

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