The Creepiest Things You’ll Find at a Horror Convention

I recently attended a large horror and sci-fi convention in Louisville, KY called FandomFest. If you’ve never been to one, I highly recommend finding a show close to you because, not only do you get to meet some of your favorite celebrities, you also get to see some things you won’t see anywhere else. This particular convention had video game tournaments, Q&A sessions with stars, costume contests, and, of course, some massive exhibit halls.

That’s where the real fun lies.

Sure it’s cool to meet childhood heroes, but once you start exploring the different booths and meet the people who run them, you’ll find some crazy bizarre things that you’ve never even imagined. Here are ten of the creepiest, most bizarre things you’ll find at a horror convention…


(Photo: Rob Fee for Man Cave Daily)

Maybe you’re looking for a nice baby doll for your daughter. That’s a great gift, right? Or even better, you could give her nightmares until she’s in college with one of these undead baby dolls. Don’t be surprised if you stopped getting invited to birthday parties when your niece unwraps one of these lovelies.


(Photo: Rob Fee for Man Cave Daily)

Don’t think your nephew gets left out! You can get him what appears to be E.T. but severely burned, malnourished, and somehow has his brain on the outside. The perfect gift for a boy of any age!


(Photo: Rob Fee for Man Cave Daily)

You know how your wife spends hours looking for decorative soaps in Bath & Body Works? Call her and let her know you’ve got the soap department covered! You can get all natural soaps in the form of severed fingers, dentures, brains, or poop! I wouldn’t recommend buying the last one for your kids, unless you want to instill some very confusing behaviors into him.


(Photo: Rob Fee for Man Cave Daily)

If you’re anything like me, then you’re constantly yelling at everyone in your house because they misplaced your snail body/baby head candle holder. “Who took it?” you declare. “I know one of you did, you know I can’t relax without my grimacing baby man snail staring at me!” Those days are over, my friend!


(Photo: Rob Fee for Man Cave Daily)

You can buy all the baby headed snails you want! Not to mention, baby headed turtles, skeleton baby head candles, decorative brains, and baby head plant pots. The perfect gift for any occasion!


(Photo: Rob Fee for Man Cave Daily)

You know how your kid will watch the same cartoon over and over for weeks at a time? I’m sure you’ve mumbled “I’d love to kill that stupid rabbit.” Well now you can see what that would look like with these handmade plush animals. They do still find a way to be cute, even with their bones protruding from there body, don’t they?


(Photo: Rob Fee for Man Cave Daily)

Not even Barbie is safe from the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure that’s Aladdin in the middle and The Little Mermaid on the end, isn’t it?


(Photo: Rob Fee for Man Cave Daily)

Sometimes it’s just not enough to buy a Friday the 13th shirt, you need the mangled head of Jason Voorhees poking through as well. That’s why horror conventions are great, if you’re a fan of a movie or a comic, you can get the most over-the-top memorabilia imaginable.


(Photo: Rob Fee for Man Cave Daily)

The fans are the best. They’re completely crazy in the best possible way. Where else are you going to see a zombie Teletubby? Here are some other costumes that required more preparation than I spend on my taxes every year:

Finally, my favorite find were these guys:

photo The Creepiest Things Youll Find at a Horror Convention

(Photo: Rob Fee for Man Cave Daily)


(Photo: Rob Fee for Man Cave Daily)


(Photo: Rob Fee for Man Cave Daily)

It’s not a fan club, those are real life Ghostbusters. The Louisville Ghostbusters are professional paranormal investigators, but more importantly, they’re also paranormal eliminators. The group has been serving the area since 2001 and will happily come take care of the haunting at your house. If you use them, please let us know how it went!

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

She’s really nice.

Rob Fee is a writer and comedian best known for writing and telling jokes. You can follow him on Twitter @RobFee to read more of these jokes or go to Del Taco. He’s probably there.

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Zuk alor!

Rob previously asked ten weird questions of such Twitter luminaries as Caprice Crane and Danny Zuker of Modern Family.

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