DC Takes on Depth with “Forever Evil” 3-D Motion Covers

by Jeremiah Wallace & Brendan McGinley

Remember going to a museum as a kid? Of course you don’t. All you remember is the gift shop at the end, where you could buy polished stones, erasers shaped like animals that were terrible at erasing, and–if you were extra good–those expensive lenticular stickers that moved when you changed the angle you looked at them. Sometimes it was sharks, sometimes it was dinosaurs, but it was always some incredible, kick-ass 3-D beast ready to leap off the vinyl and shred your face.

Things haven’t changed much with the release of DC Comics’ limited edition covers to their massive “Forever Evil” crossover. With the heroes presumed dead and the Injustice League in charge of the planet, the villains arise to take over their titles and either overthrow the competition or realize they can’t beat ’em so they might as well join ’em. Now the predator staring out at you from its 3-D motion nest is a supervillain.

We got our hands on the first issues of Black Adam and Secret Society, but just showing them to you isn’t enough, right? You want to see them in action. Here’s our video review:




Jeremiah is one cool guy. Ask him about the comic he’s drawing.

Danse Macabre

Danse Macabre

Jeremiah previously reviewed Rorschach #4 and let you know that Batman #17 Is a Stunning Must-Read.

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