10 Funniest SNL Sketches You’ve Never Seen

by Rob Fee

Everyone remembers the classic Saturday Night Live sketches. There are the ones that we can quote verbatim, the ones that have been parodied countless times, and the ones that are plastered across almost every t-shirt at Spencer’s Gifts.

This isn’t about those.

These are the gems that aren’t quite as celebrated or that you probably missed but are absolutely hilarious. Here are the ten funniest SNL sketches you’ve never seen in no particular order.


Before Andy Samberg’s Digital Shorts became the go-to prerecorded segment, “TV Funhouse” was one of the most anticipated parts of the show. By far, the funniest one was a parody of Dora the Explorer called “Maraka” that gets more and more absurd with every passing moment.

The Car Accident

This 1997 sketch featured Norm Macdonald as a car accident victim who won’t stop trashing his rescuer Sylvester Stallone‘s career. You’ve got to appreciate Sly for being self-aware enough to allow them to mock his lower moments in Hollywood.

The Cobras

Robert Downey Jr. guest-starred in this West Side Story parody that asks the question we’ve all asked: “How does everyone know all the lyrics to a spontaneous song?”

America’s Funniest Hate Videos

Bob Saget pokes fun at his former gig in the most extreme way as he does his wacky voices and family-friendly jokes over a series of comical videos featuring hate groups.

Philadelphia Action Figures

If you’ve ever watched the movie Philadelphia then you probably weren’t expecting any action figures inspired from the film. This fake commercial captured the essence of every ’90s toy advertisement perfectly.

Dear Sister

One of the most infamous SNL Digital Shorts came in April 2007 with a parody of the O.C. Season finale. Unfortunately the timing couldn’t have been worse, as the Virginia Tech shooting took place two days after the original airing. NBC decided not to post the video on their site and it disappeared for quite some time only to resurface later on The Lonely Island’s website.

Lucifer Song

Will Ferrell portrays Lucifer, who has come to claim Garth Brooks’ soul in exchange for a hit song. Is this some sort of confession from Garth Brooks on his success?

First Citywide Change Bank

Every bank has done the commercial format that features customers talking about what incredible service they’ve encountered while fading in and out from text on a black screen. The First Citywide Change Bank offers a unique service, however.

The Crazy Doctor’s Office

This was one of the more bizarre SNL sketches. Will Ferrell is hilarious as the insane doctor and the Tim Meadows cameo may be one of my all time favorites.

The Twilight Zone

Not only is this sketch really funny, but when you hear the story of what Norm Macdonald did right before it started, it’s even better. Here’s Jim Breuer’s recollection of the sketch.

Gifted comedian, dapper dresser, American goddamn hero. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for ESPY)

Gifted comedian, dapper dresser, American goddamn hero.

Rob Fee is a writer and comedian best known for writing and telling jokes. You can follow him on Twitter @RobFee to read more of these jokes or go to Del Taco. He’s probably there.

We assume she's old enough here for us to say how cute she is.

We assume she’s old enough here for us to say how cute she is.

Rob previously asked ten weird questions of such Twitter luminaries as Jordan Peele and rounded up The Greatest Commercials of the ’90s.

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