How to Take a (Hilarious) Sexy Selfie

by Brendan McGinley

Remember last week when Syd Wilder taught old people how to twerk with a walker? She has some advice for the young people too, in her video tutorial, How to Take a Slutty Selfie:

It is a searing critique of both attention-seeking behavior and slut-shaming, in which the author deftly capitalizes on the same limbic reactions she lampoons, even while deconstructing and deflating them with a jaunty juvenalian jab. Also, she has playtime with a bra-clad friend and they eat bananas.

The video hits its funniest streak at that point, coming off the use of old people as props with one-liners like “And pretend like we EAT FOOD!” rolling into the gentle delivery of “Other people’s babies.” Share this very funny advice with a friend…or 4,000 Twitter followers.

You're probably here because you can spell "Magdalena Frackowiak" but misspell "naked."

You’re probably here because you can spell “Magdalena Frackowiak” but misspell “naked.”

Brendan McGinley was admiring Syd’s comedy before twerking was cool. You can say a neighborly hello to him on Twitter @BrendanMcGinley

Arianny Celeste

Thank you, Mexico, for all you’ve given the world.

Brendan compiled 5 Weird Search Terms You Used to Get Here and undertook the difficult Mexican Independence Day task of celebrating with Twelve Beauties of Mexican Heritage.

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