Five Reasons Adults Should Play ‘Scribblenauts Unmasked’

by Jeremiah Wallace

1. Fandom is not required

Even though the game features DC Comics villains and heroes, Unmasked isn’t solely for comic book fans. In this quirky delightful story the main character Maxwell has a magical notebook with the power to create objects out of thin air. Maxwell and his sister get stranded in the DC universe. With the help of Alfred and the Batcomputer Maxwell has to gather Starites in order to find a way home and complete the story. Many of the puzzles can be solved without knowledge of comic book lore just by simply paying attention to the clues given and using common sense.

2. It’s educational

The way the point or reputation (points) system is set up, Scribblenauts will only give you half the points for using the same word more than once. Keeping a thesaurus handy is a good tip if you want to maximize points when solving the games many puzzles. My six-year-old son watched me play the game and it helped him recognize, define, and spell words that he wouldn’t normally come across in his current school curriculum.

3. It’s Unique

Quite unlike any other game out there. Its uniqueness is one of its many strong points. Scribblenauts is a beautiful, charming game that, despite its simplistic  2-D graphics, is surprisingly deep and is worth playing. Classified in the action/adventure puzzle category, the majority of the game revolves around players trying to find the proper solution to a problem using imagination and creativity. The ability to call objects into existence in the game world, often presents unique and multiple solutions to solve mission objectives.

4. Almost every single character ever created by DC Comics

We still don't really believe there's a video game starring Amazing Man, Kid Eternity, and Danny the Street.

We still don’t believe there’s really a video game starring Amazing Man, Kid Eternity, and Danny the Street.

The amount of characters available to use is staggering. Lliterally thousand characters are at your disposal to help solve puzzles or simple just to watch them go about their business. I spent a good majority of my time in the Batcave just summoning characters to see how they would interact. One of the first things I did was to assemble the Justice League and then call out their opposite number the Crime Syndicate and the instant the bad guys appeared to my delight the screen was filled with the miniature DC heroes and Villains shooting laser beams, batarangs, rockets and all sorts of super powers at each other. It also has a hero creator mode where you can create your own superhero and have him or her assist you during your adventure.

5. So much replayability

Randomly generated original scenarios occur whenever you enter one of the many areas in game. All fashioned after famous locations in the DC universe such as the Fortress of Solitude, the Green Lantern Homeworld of Oa or Gotham’s own Arkham Asylum. The challenges presented never get old and can range from simple to bizarrely complex.  And once you think you have gotten the hang of finding easy solutions to the games puzzles there is a Challenge mode issued by none other than Superman’s enemy Mr. Mxyzptlk  who can put restrictions on items that you can summon or will assign random adjectives to object which can wreck havoc on your planned solutions.

A unique take on the Puzzle game genre with the added bonus of DC comic’s vast library of characters object and locations, I highly recommend this title.

Scribblenauts Unmasked is rated E 10+ Content is generally suitable for ages 10 and up. May contain more cartoon, fantasy or mild violence, mild language and/or minimal suggestive themes. and available now on for the Wii U, Nintendo 3Ds and the PC.

This...probably should have been a GIF.

This…probably should have been a GIF.

Jeremiah is one cool guy. Ask him about the comic he’s drawing.

"This hurts you more than it hu--no, I can't tell a lie, this must be agonizing for you."

“This hurts you more than it hu–no, I can’t tell a lie, this must be agonizing for you.”

Jeremiah previously showed you how how DC Takes on Depth with “Forever Evil” 3-D Motion Covers and reviewed DC games in  Injustice is Gorgeous, Brutal, Awesome.


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