Top 10 Worst Wrestling Finishers

WWE Battleground is coming! And we figured we’d pray for some killer finishing moves. Then we realized how many brutal ones we’ve had to wince through. These are those!

written by Tyler Lemco

The finisher has long been a staple in wrestling. A good, innovative finisher is equally as important as good size, strength or speed. Moves such as Macho Man’s Flying Elbow Drop or Steve Austin’s Stone Cold Stunner will go down as some of the most lethal and iconic moves in the history of wrestling. From Brett Hart’s Sharpshooter to Shawn Michaels’ Sweet Chin Music to The Undertaker’s Tombstone, careers have been defined by a single signature maneuver. Then, there are the finishers that didn’t work out so well. Everything from the improbable to the flat out absurd can be summed up on this list of the Top 10 Worst Wrestling Finishers.

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