Make Your Pudding…Twerk?

by Brendan McGinley

Twerking. We all love it. Some of us even do it, secretly, in our rooms, wishing for just one minute we could feel pretty. Sigh…


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This totally not overblown cultural phenomenon has become so prevalent that even our delicious colloidal suspension confectionary desserts are getting in on the craze. Naturally, this has something to do with Japan, which is the country where pornography, horror, and innocence are almost indistinguishable. And that’s not pejorative; we’re just jealous of Japan’s advanced psychosexual grapholinguistic technology. Also, that nation has robots, so they must be more advanced than we. Anyway, here’s your daily dose of WTF, courtesy of butt-shakin’ pudding:

Cats never forgive this kind of thing.

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Va va va voom and vo doh di oh do! This pudding’s ready to go, yo! Look at that tempting way it jiggles and shakes, and demands you give it the attention its father never did. Why, any second, a sleazy, short guy in an Armani Exchange shirt is going to appear behind that pudding and grind his crotch into it like it was the cure for genital warts. Then the pudding’s going to do that subtle look over its shoulder that ladies do when they want to figure out if the alien groin rubbing up on them belongs to a cute guy. Then a bouncer made of pudding is going to show up and throw out the sleazy guy, because sometimes, just sometimes…there’s justice in this crazy world of ours. Not enough justice to prevent twerking pudding from becoming a thing, but still.

Woohoo! Look at that blubber fly!

Woohoo! Look at that blubber fly!



Brendan McGinley is editor round these parts when not writing comics or Cracked columns. Ask him about it on Twitter @BrendanMcGinley.

DeHaven pretty much was the Charm in their 2011/12 season, so...yeah. She’s the one to watch, coming and going. Little-known fact: The refrain “Omar comin’ ” from The Wire was actually inspired by DeHaven’s defensive/offensive two-fisted fury, except not really because that would be silly. She’s a perfect example of why the LFL is great: driven, ambitious athletes who aren’t afraid to get rowdy. Also, keep an eye on QB Angela Rypien, who joins the team from the Seattle Mist.

DeHaven pretty much was the Baltimore Charm in their 2011/12 season.

Brendan interviewed actress Christine Lakin about why The Pain Makes It Funny, and shouldered the difficult task of picking the biggest badasses in the Legends Football League.

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