MAD about the Energy Crisis?

by Brendan McGinley

All’s well that ends well, except oil wells never really end well. With the government shut down, maybe we’ll finally get something done around this country, but meantime, there’s still the ever-present looming energy crisis. We know even less about this situation than the people who get paid (off?) to vote on it. We tried calling the Department of Energy, but it’s in hiatus, so we had to settle for an explanation from the usual gang of idiots at MAD instead.


Now that’s what we would call a hairy situation if we were lazy comedians!
…that’s what we call a hairy situation.


Hey, you can’t drill in the middle of the road!

MAD Magazine 523 Fold-in Closed

…oh, frack.

Wasn’t that informative? Keep abreast of what else is going on with your new MAD magazine subscription.

What, you fifty-eight?

What, you adorable?

Brendan McGinley is editor round these parts when not writing comics or Cracked columns. According to his parents, MAD was the first thing he ever read, when someone foolishly left it within reach as a child. Follow him at Twitter @BrendanMcGinley.

Wake up and face the day, knowing that you are literally made of iron.

Wake up and face the day, knowing that you are literally made of iron.

Brendan previously interviewed editor John Ficarra in MAD about Alfred E. Neuman and accounted for how the 10 most common metals in your body make you superpowered.


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