10 Weird Questions with ‘The Bachelor’ Producer Elan Gale

by Rob Fee

1. So what are you up to right now?

At the moment I am traveling through Japan for no apparent reason. All of my work is secret and all of my future projects are either confidential or are figments of my imagination I’d rather not mention  because when they fail I don’t want to be embarrassed. Let’s just say I’m doing a lot of things and enjoying some wine  along the way.

2. Most people don’t know that you’re a karaoke master. What are your go-to songs?

The author, the interview subject, and the random crowds of fans that follow them everywhere. Probably.

The author, the interview subject, and the random crowds of fans that follow them everywhere. Probably.

You flatter me. Classic choices include “Ring of Fire” and “Runaround Sue”, but I like to throw caution to the wind and do “King Without a Crown” by Matisyahu.

3. Is your hair natural or are you constantly getting perms to maintain your incredible look?

My hair is a result of absolutely no effort whatsoever.

4. Without fear of judgement, what are your top five favorite movies of all time?

  • Amadeus
  • Punch Drunk Love
  • American Psycho
  • Deconstructing Harry
  • Anything Else

5. Can you describe the last three picture messages you’ve received on your phone?

One is a drawing of a man drinking wine while doing Pilates

One is a guy who is passed out on the ground, perhaps an homage to my “dead man” series.

The other 95,000 are pictures of my mother’s dog with slightly different hair lengths.

6. What’s the strangest celebrity encounter you’ve ever had?

I am currently married to male actor, Jason Biggs.

7. Are there any TV shows you’re keeping up with right now?

Breaking Bad all the time forever. I also watch The Bachelorette because it is the greatest show on earth, in my opinion.

8. What was your favorite halloween costume as a kid?

I was always a Ghostbuster. In my heart, I will always be a Ghostbuster.



9. Who are some of your favorite accounts on Twitter?

I only follow accounts I love, except for a couple. I follow a couple out of guilt. I hope they know who they are. I actually do love, @MandySlamberg, @MorganCline, @BillyEichner, @bazecraze, @KendraGarden, @ElizaBayne, @ArjunBasu, @IamEnidColeslaw, @Bez, @TheNardvark, @LaurenSivan, @Untresor@AndyLassner, @MrsRupertPupkin and really everyone else I follow this was a good way to make people I love hate me because they are not on this list. I am surely an @$$#()!% now in some people’s minds. Great. Thanks, Rob.

10. Most importantly, what’s your favorite thing about me?

I have never seen you not smile. I feel like if I ever saw you get a small cut, a delightful stream of warming tomato soup would come out of your veins and nourish the world. This is really how I feel about you. You also have a great voice. I hate that it’s better than mine. I hate you. I hate you, Rob.

The New Mr. Vegas (Photo by Paul A. Hebert/Getty Images for BET)

The New Mr. Vegas

Rob Fee is a writer and comedian best known for writing and telling jokes. You can follow him on Twitter @RobFee to read more of these jokes or go to Del Taco. He’s probably there.

Reckless he may be, but he still managed to choose a nice suit and tie.(Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images)

Reckless he may be, but he still managed to choose a nice suit and tie.

Rob previously asked ten weird questions of such Twitter luminaries as George Wallace and Shawn Hatosy.

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