10 Weird Questions with Cosplayer Chloe Dykstra

You may know Chloe from her cosplay show aptly titled Just Cos or her recent appearance on SyFy’s Heroes of Cosplay. She was kind enough to take time out of her movie appearances and video game playing to answer a few questions for us. Be sure to follow her on Twitter when you’re done here.

1. So what are you up to right now?

Sitting at a coffee shop with my dog waiting for my four shots of espresso and thinking about my high school math teacher.

In life, I’m getting ready to release my new show on my channel next week, FortPlay, where my best friends and I sit in a fort we built ourselves and talk about video games. Also, my silly show Heroes of Cosplay is currently airing on the Syfy network (Tues @ 10/9c).

Part Machine. Part Woman. All Cosplayer.

She’s so committed to her costume, we wouldn’t be surprised to find out that thing is actually integrated to her skeleton.

2. What’s your experience in cosplay competitions been like so far?

Honestly? I don’t like it. My favorite moments are before I go on stage because I can see everyone’s costumes up close, and after the judging when I can go get fro-yo and go to bed. The whole competition aspect feels kind of foreign, and I have no real urge to win awards over my fellow cosplayers. Nothing wrong with competitive spirit, I just can’t really muster it up.

3. How do you feel about the new Doctor Who?

The new Doctor? Pretty good, actually. Peter Capaldi is pretty much as close as you can get to Hugh Laurie without getting diagnosed with lupus.

4. What are your top five favorite movies of all time?

  1. Dr. Strangelove
  2. Dr. Horrible
  3. Doctor Who
  4. Doctor Zhivago
  5. Doctor Dolittle (the one with Eddie Murphy)

About half of that is true, but I was on a roll so I went with it.

5. Can you describe the last three picture messages you’ve received on your phone?

  • Two photos side by side–a photo of myself with Billy West, and one with Maurice La Marche.
  • A photo of a care package my guy friend in NOLA sent my girlfriend out here in LA. I think they’re gonna have babies.
  • A stock photo of sausages my friend sent me when he was drunk.

6. What’s the strangest celebrity encounter you’ve ever had?

One time I went to a bar and I’m pretty sure my friend Max Landis tried to convince Jeremy Renner I was a transexual.

7. Are there any TV shows you’re keeping up with right now?

God no, but I try. I’m like, season 2-3 on Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, etc. And I guess I’ve been watching Orange is the New Black. It’s fun to watch Laura Prepon kiss girls. Oh yeah, and Heroes of Cosplay or whatever.

It takes this many meters to measure how much fun Dykstra has on a typical day.

It takes this many meters to measure how much fun Dykstra has on a typical day.

8. What are a few videos games you’d recommend that a lot of people may have overlooked?

Deadly Premonition. Do it. Thank me immediately when you finish. But for real, 999 for the DS is great. Fun, engaging story. Cool mechanics. Octodad’s pretty awesome, too.

9. Who are some of your favorite accounts on Twitter?

@robfee, of course. I also love:

@RobDelaney: For obvious reasons.

@fart: My spirit animal.

We're sorry for blurring your photo, Greg De Stefano, but America is a bunch of prudes.

We’re sorry for blurring your photo, Greg De Stefano, but America is a bunch of prudes.

@nachosarah: She’s an old friend of mine. She gets to write the stuff on Twitter I wish I could.

@CourtneyLove: Because it’s fun to learn new languages.

10. If you could pick one movie to have a sequel that doesn’t currently have one, what would it be and why?

Ghostbusters 2. You just got loopholed.

by Rob FeeWhile her character on the highly popular Game of Thrones is a priestess of R'hllor and a Shadowbinder named Melisandre, I'm fairly certain she's nothing like that in real life. Carice was kind enough to take time out of manipulating shadows and overthrowing empires to answer a few questions for us.

She’s so nice we stopped being afraid of her.

Rob Fee is a writer and comedian best known for writing and telling jokes. You can follow him on Twitter @RobFee to read more of these jokes or go to Del Taco. He’s probably there.

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

She has a great name. Just say that a few times. It’s like a character in southern gothic novel: Caprice Crane. CAPRICE. CRANE.

Rob previously asked ten weird questions of such Twitter luminaries as Game of Thrones’ red priestess Carice van Houten and author Caprice Crane.

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