Interview with ‘Ghost Hunters International’ star Paul Bradford

Happy Halloween! One of my favorite paranormal investigation shows has be be Ghost Hunters International. There were no limits as to the geographical locations they’d visit and the cast was just brilliant. Unfortunately there won’t be any more episodes much to the disappointment of many fans. I talked with Paul Bradford at Scarefest about the life of the series as well as what’s next for him.

So I’ve heard rumors, but are you guys doing another season of Ghost Hunters International?

We aren’t doing anymore. Unfortunately they canned the show. We found out because they’re releasing a DVD called “The Final Season” so we were like “Oh ok then, so that was the final season, I guess, huh? Thanks for that.”

Oh so that’s how you found out?

Yeah! [Laughs] I appreciate that. Thanks for the heads up.

So what’s next for you now that the show is done?

I’ve got a few things in the works. There’s another show in the works, but at the moment, it’s the wrong time. For paranormal television and for the show that I would be a part of, it’s the wrong time. There’s also an animation coming out at the end of this year with me and Scott (Tepperman) from GHI which will be an internet based series with 4-6 episodes per season. That’ll be a bit of fun.

Are you voicing your own characters?

Yeah! So that’ll definitely be fun. It’s sort of Adult Swim or Squidbilly-type animation. It’s really weird [Laughs] I saw a bit of it and I was like “Uhhh” but it’s fun and I think people will like it. It’s basically us being ourselves and giving each other s**t. Other than that I’m just keeping busy. Now I actually work for Ghost Stop and build equipment for them.

Oh that’s perfect for you.

Yeah I mean I was building equipment before GHI, I was building it during GHI, so obviously now that I’ve stepped away I’m still building equipment but now I do it exclusively for Ghost Stop.

What would you say was your favorite location on the show?

Belize. Without even having to think about it, it’s Belize. It was an investigation of the Mayan underworld and we had to trek through rivers and jungles to get to the location. Then we had to get into the water and swim into a cave system, then go through waterfalls, giant rocks, and all these other things.

How far was it?

It was about two miles underground. At the end was this fossilized skeleton of a Mayan princess, but just getting there was absolutely amazing. I mean as a kid I wanted to be either Indiana Jones or James Bond and this was definitely the closest to Indiana Jones that I’ll ever be. It was a dream. I was completely overwhelmed with how awesome it was. I mean you’re trekking through water that, at times, is all the way up to your chest, and other times you can’t even touch the bottom. There’s also the logistics of it. I had to waterproof all of my equipment so it was like soap on a rope. I’m swimming though this with all of my equipment floating behind me. It was amazing.

Were there any locations you wanted to explore that you didn’t get the chance?

There are tons and, you know, I really didn’t get to do much of America.

That’s true, because you’re International so they aren’t worried about you doing American locations, right?

Yeah! I mean I have a much bigger playground than a domestic show but there’s a lot of locations in American I’d love to go to, but you know what would be amazing? To go down to the Titanic. I would love to figure out a way to do an underwater investigation. Even if it’s in a mini-sub or whatever. Just to- well just because. I mean do you need a reason to want to explore the Titanic other than “It’s the Titanic“?

What other reason could you possible need?

[Laughs] Hey I’m going to the Titanic. Why, you ask? Eh, I don’t know. Ghosts? Sure!

That would be amazing.

Well also I’m a photographer so can you imagine being able to take pictures in the Titanic? That would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

Absolutely. Are there any things you won’t do when doing an investigation? Is anything over the line for you?

I don’t know enough about that element to really have lines. For me, I have my own theories about what’s going on out there, but there are certainly things that I won’t touch. Not because I’m scared of it, but because of the lack of understanding I have of it. You know, you don’t start screwing around in rocket science if you don’t know what you’re doing. I’m not going to try and build a rocket because I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I would blow myself up. To be honest I still don’t know what I’m doing with ghost hunting. I just run around with a camera. The thing is, I use common sense and that’s an area where a lot of people seem to lack. Common sense is the one thing that more ghost hunters need to tune in on. There aren’t things that I’m afraid of, but a lot of things where I think “Eh, I’d rather not.” I’m fine with that.

Destination: Interview!

Destination: Interview!

Rob Fee is a writer and comedian best known for writing and telling jokes. You can follow him on Twitter @RobFee to read more of these jokes or go to Del Taco. He’s probably there.

Just call this interview..."Host Adventures."(Booo! Puns!)

Just call this interview…”Host Adventures.”(Booo! Puns!)

Rob previously interviewed such luminaries as Destination Truth star Josh Gates and Ghost Adventures star Aaron Goodwin.

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