Nine More Comics for Hardcore Geeks

by Ross C. Hardy

A while back, I wrote an article naming ten solid creator-owned comic books you could read if you wanted to prove your interests lay outside mainstream superhero publishing. Some aspects of the situation have changed; Pigs and The Secret History of D.B. Cooper have ended, for example, and Garth Ennis is no longer writing the bloody, pulpy Shadow. But the rest of them are still solid investments, and the great thing about comics is, there are new solid investments to make every month. So in the interest of separating you from your hard-earned beer money, here are eight more comics that might have flown under your radar.

Are these the most obscure? No. But outside of the mainstream cape-and-cowl books, the done-to-death twists, turns, reveals, and retcons, these are the cream of the crop. These are comics that you can buy right now that will make you love comics—all comics—even more.

First: Music has a new Messiah

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