Quick Reviews: ‘Superman/Wonder Woman’ #2 & ‘JLA’ #9

 by Jeremiah Wallace

Still struggling to find its romantic footing, Superman/Wonder Woman #2’s central focus is Kal-El’s place in Diana’s world of Greek mythology. Picking up right where the previous issue left off, Doomsday’s sudden appearance (and disappearance) is logically explained, providing a credible reason to keep both main characters together while also setting up future conflicts. Superman’s first meeting with some of Diana’s dfamily members end rather violently, this should provide some intriguing story points in upcoming issues. Technically the issue is above average, with only a few lines of dialog writer Charles Soule is able to show the various personalities of the Gods and their collective disdain for mortals. My only gripe is the awkward layout of the first page but the art team of Tony Daniel, Batt and Sandu Florea do a great job throughout, even though it would be nice to see more backgrounds.

Justice League of America #9 feels like a beautifully illustrated butforced tie-in issue for the “Forever Evil” event. Trapped within a psychic prison, Martian Manhunter and Stargirl make a futile attempt to free members of both the Justice League, and JLA.  This issue cleverly reveals the origin of Stargirl and her purpose on the Justice League of America team, while covering the same ground from the previous issue. Astute readers should be able to pick up on the as yet unrevealed villain’s identity during Martian Manhunter’s fight (pg. 16 panel 2). Written by Matt Kindt and penciled by Tom Derenick.

Both Superman/Wonder Woman #2 and JLA #9 are available on Wednesday Nov. 13th for $3.99



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Danse Macabre

Danse Macabre

Jeremiah previously reviewed Rorschach #4 and let you know that Batman #17 Is a Stunning Must-Read.


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