10 (or 12) Weird Questions with Syd Wilder

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for scream queens eating ice cream.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for scream queens eating ice cream.

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Watching Miley Cyrus twerk, I thought meh, I don’t wanna do that.

Then I watched Syd Wilder twerk (with seniors), and I thought oh-em-gee, I wanna twerk! I put on my own booty shorts and tried it in the mirror and quickly realized I’m not the kind of girl who should ever twerk. I’m going to leave it to my girl Syd.

Syd and I met in July on the Red Carpet at the ESPYs. While all the other celebs, big and small, were on their best behavior in front of us media folks, the brunette rocking the extremely deep-v dress didn’t give a damn. She danced with her 5-inch heels on, and then with them off. She pulled her hair up, then took it down and whipped it back and forth in people’s faces like she owned the dance floor. She pulled the high slit in her dress up higher than most girls would as she dropped it like it was hot and just did her thing.

She also has eyes that glow in the dark, so she's either an angel or a cat.

She also has eyes that glow in the dark, so she’s either an angel or a cat.

But Syd Wilder isn’t most girls, thank goodness.

So here are 10 weird questions (but in all honesty, since we’ve been friends, we’ve only asked each other weird questions, so these weren’t that weird) with my new favorite smoking-hot-filterless and highly inappropriate comedian, actress, and friend from LA:

1. Most embarrassing thing you do when you’re home alone?

SW: I dance naked in the mirror all the time and pretend like I’m the lead girl in a music video.

JL: But you kind of already do that on your YouTube channel, right?

SW: Yes, but I’m naked dancing on my pole in the privacy of my own home.

2. Your sister is a porn star…I don’t even have a question for this, but tell me more…

SW: It sucks when I’m on a date with a guy and he’s like “You look really familiar” and I’m like NO I DON’T! Then I realize he’s seen my sister’s work. I am terrified of watching porn online in fear of having my sisters “work” POP UP in a pop-up ad.

JL: What would your porn star name be?

SW: Carmen Bijourn.

Next: Don’t trust her…

Is that what a "Come hither" look is? We've only ever seen "Go yon" before.

Is that what a “Come hither” look is? We’ve only ever seen “Go yon” before.

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